Week End Favorites: Lobster Compost, Good Summer Lip Tint, Good Frozen Bars, Best Tote, and Easy Caprese Grilled Chicken

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Happy Weekend Besties! Whew, this week I was pushing hard to get a lot of things done and I am so ready for the weekend. I so wanted to get this posted on Friday, but the end of my week needed to be totally focused on work and I started my day super early on Friday. Now I am ready for a little food, a little pool time with friends (in the safest way possible) and hopefully a little sleep. I am linking up with ErikaAndreaNarci to share with you the things that bring me Joy this week.

1) Coast of Maine Organic Lobster Compost

Quoddy Blend Lobster Compost - Coast of Maine Organic Products

Calling all gardeners, if you have been seeing some bottom rot on your tomatoes and zucchini, this is the product for you.  While my tomatoes are coming in a little slowly, I was starting to see some bottom rot on my zucchini last week. As Running Daddy says "no one wants bottom rot!" I knew there was a simple solution if I could find it and that is the lobster compost from Coast of Maine. 

Typically bottom rot comes from a lack of calcium in your soil and this compost that includes crushed up lobster shells is the Best product I have found to help with this. I have found this product in both our old fashioned hardware store up the street and also in the specialty garden center near our house.

Since we have just a small garden this year, one bag is perfect. I top off the area at the base of the plants with handfuls of the compost and then give it a Good watering. The green tomatoes are looking Good and the bottom rot on the new zucchini is gone. 

If you are having any of challenges with your garden, see if you can find the Coast of Maine lobster compost. I highly recommend it.

2) Smooth Stick Lip Tint

Because of my health challenges, I have a lot of trouble with lipsticks and glosses. So many products make my lips peel. Gross...I know.

I am really committed to cleaning up my beauty game and I am loving these lip tints

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***contains affiliate link 

They look very bright in the tube but do not fear, go on super sheer. The Dragon Fruit gives a sheer pink tint and the Soft Strawberry gives a hint of rose. Both have a good amount of clean moisturizing without being sticky. These are going to be my staples for the balance of the summer.

3) Yasso Coffee Chip

Coffee Chocolate Chip | Yasso Greek Yogurt Bars

Am I late to the party on the Yasso bars? Did everyone know about these but me until a few weeks ago? These are so Good and don't taste like a lower calorie frozen bar. I bought the coffee chip ones which I typically do not choose, but they are so yummy. It was very much like a frozen mocha. I have finally become a full fledged adult now as I am ordering coffee ice cream. 

These Yasso bars are the perfect summer treat that are low calorie and high protein. 

4) Baby Boss Tote

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Speaking of perfect, this tote may just be perfection. The Baby Boss is smaller, but so roomy. I can put my phone wristlet--with two phones, double eyeglass holder and checkbook in here with room to spare. The side zip can easily hold your keys, mask (we need a place for those now) and phone for easy access.

The Best part, you get to choose your removable strap color!  I went with the red and navy because I felt it was seasonless. Hockey Guy said the olive green with the red and navy gives it a total Gucci vibe. It absolutely has a high end designer vibe without the extra price tag.

You can now mix and max straps from Stella & Dot. I already own the Game Changer tote in camo and I can mix and match the straps from the Game Changer with the Baby Boss. The red and navy strap will look so Good with the camo too!

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5) Easy Caprese Chicken

Oh this is the Best weeknight summer chicken. On Monday afternoon I was working and realized I had not even thought about dinner. That is typically not my style as I try to plan out our dinners in order to keep our lives organized and manage our grocery lists.

I thought about what we had on hand and knew that Running Daddy would be willing to grill and pulled together this recipe in my head for Easy Caprese Grilled Chicken. In the summertime you might even have all of the ingredients on hand. This recipe is also super flexible so you can use what you have. This will be on repeat this summer for our household. It's that Good

That's what I have for you this week. I hope you are having a relaxing weekend.


  1. I am cracking up. The list of items you needed to store in your bag are so typical of our current stage of life. 2 phones, double eye glass carrier, checkbook ( ha ha) and the dreaded masks. One cloth one surgical. The camp tote is super cute. Always enjoy reading your blogs.

  2. Thank you for the gardening tip-my friend was just complaining about her tomatoes with bottom rot so will share this with her- hope you had a great weekend Patty!

    1. So glad I could help. You should be able to find the lobster compost up there. I would look in a specialty garden center or smaller hardware store, not sure Home Depot would have it. The people at Coast of Maine are really wonderful and they can probably tell her where to find them if she calls or emails them.

  3. OH yes, we found Yasso bars about a year ago and that is our favorite flavor! I also like the Enlightened Cold Brew bars; they too have chocolate chips and a nice coffee favor but are a bit creamier.


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