Friday Favorites: Preppy Ugly Sandals, Hallmark Christmas in July, Best Trader Joe's Crackers, a Little Bit of Normalcy and Bachelor GOAT

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The last few weeks have been...a lot. It's campaign season, I am up to my ears in school paperwork, and just trying to keep our house looking decent and not like a frat party just let out. Besties,  I live in a frat house...even the dog is a boy. I am just trying to take a deep breath, write down the three things I need to try to accomplish every day and just dig in and get it done.

Since it is Friday, I am linking up with ErikaAndreaNarci to share with you the things that bring me Joy this week as there is Joy in every week.  

1) The Preppy Ugly Sandal

I know the ugly sandal trend is super hot right now. A lot of them are supposed to be really comfortable such as Birkenstocks but they are really not me. I have even thought really hard about a rose gold Birkenstock and I just cannot do it. 

***contains affiliate links 

Enter these cute sandals from my favorite Jack Rogers. Bonus, they are currently on sale.

***contains affiliate links 

These are basically the preppy ugly sandals. They have all the cuteness of a regular Jack Rogers but with the comfort of the ugly sandal. I chose the platinum because they pretty much go with everything. Leave it to Jacks to combine the Best of both worlds.

2) Hallmark Christmas in July

I always love Hallmark Channel's Christmas in July, but really this year we all need it more than ever. It was so Good to see some of my favorite Christmas movies and to have them all day. During the season Running Daddy and I drink coffee early in the mornings andd watch them as a way to ease into our day.

Last year I did a guide to the Best Christmas in July movies and you can read part 1 here and part 2 here

Just a few more days for these movies and then we will head into Summer Nights! I am truly looking forward to those too.

3) Trader Joe's Three Seeded Sweet Potato Crackers

I am kind of obsessed with these crackers. They are a little savory, a little sweet, and filled with gluten free Goodness. They are lovely with hummus as an afternoon snack. They are not just Good for a gluten free cracker, they are just plain Good. Add these to your cart on your next Trader Joe's run. 

4) A Return to a Little Bit of Normalcy

While this pandemic is far from over and we will not be going back to school full time this fall, we had a little return to normalcy this week and it brought me great Joy. Hockey Guy and a friend were facetiming about classes this fall and getting ready for high school. In this season, for a whole lot of reasons not solely related to the pandemic, it was so Good to hear them chatting and making their plans. It felt normal and so much as not been normal in a long time.

5) Bachelor GOAT

Are you watching The Bachelor Greatest Seasons of All Time? If you are should be.  It's basically a whole season or two boiled down into about three hours. Since I have watched every season of The Bachelor and the Bachelorette since it premiered, this is such a fun walk down the Final Rose lane.  

Up the past week, Brad Womack. The only person to be The Bachelor twice. 

Bachelor Nation No GIF by The Bachelor

I know Chris Harrison likes to paint Brad as the "most controversial Bachelor of all time" and pretty much until Juan Pablo he was the most hated Bachelor, but frankly...he was just honest. There was no way he was going to propose to, or even just date, a woman he met on tv that he wasn't into the first time.

i follow back the bachelor GIF

Second time around he chose Emily and well, that didn't end up working out either.  Correction, I am pretty sure it worked out for Emily in the long run just not with Brad or Jef with the one F when she was Bachelorette.

Romance Love GIF by The Bachelor

A few things to ponder, did anyone else think it was odd when Chris interviewed Emily the other night they never, ever, ever mentioned she was The Bachelorette? Not once. What did that contract negotiation look like?

Also, did anyone else think when Brad was about to introduce his new love that the way he was saying it he may be about to introduce a beagle? Ok, I feel really, really badly saying that but the way he was speaking I really thought it was going to be a dog and not the very sweet woman it turned out to be.

'The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons - Ever!': Ex-bachelor Brad Womack introduces his girlfriend Jena Mays on show

I am going to leave you with a little bit of trivia, I actually went to Brad's first bar the Dizzy Rooster while I had some down time on a campaign stop in Austin a few years before he was The Bachelor and it was super fun. We went in their randomly. We happened to be there for "White Trash Christmas in July" night and we really did have fun.

I hope you have a Good weekend. If you are feeling overwhelmed by things, just keep going. You are doing awesome. 

Be sure to check back here or on Instagram on Monday because Holly and I will have the list of questions for Monthly Musings, our link up that will run on Thursday,  Up in July--Vacations and Staycations. We hope you will join in the fun to link up, as a reader or both! 


  1. Happy Friday Friend! Love your Hallmark posts and love that tee...we watched the Brad recap this week and we got so silly- this is GOLD- ha! Have a great weekend :)

    1. Brad...Bless his heart. I love the that the big announcement was that he met a the gym.

  2. I love the Christmas Hallmark movies and have enjoyed watching these Bachelor GOAT episodes as well. It is quite the entertainment! Have a good weekend!

    1. I didn't realize how much I was going to love Bachelor GOAT. It's like seeing an old friend.

  3. I used to say that about our house too-- husband, 3 boys, male cat... I am always outnumbered.

    1. Totally outnumbered! Glad you can relate. Have the Best weekend.


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