What We Wore Week 3

The end of June, had me super busy for work so I needed to give myself a little grace on this site. I have a few of my outfits to share with you this week and hopefully I have everyone who shared their outfits with me. I am still trying to do this post once a week but I may not lock myself into a certain day. Let's see how this goes. 

Is there a certain day of the week you would like to see a fashion post like this?  If so please leave me a note in the comments section.

Here is what I have been wearing lately.

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Since we are in the throws of summer, some days I do wear shorts for working at home. I love this look at it is totally put together but summer ready.
These palazzo pants are as comfortable as sweatpants and they do not wrinkle. They are the Best

Palazzo pants-this print is sold out, similar here
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I needed to run into my office to do something that I cannot do at home, so I grabbed this tunic that I so love. It's cool and makes me feel totally put together. I love the color too! 

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I needed to start this Monday with a little pink to spread a little Joy.  Sometimes on Monday we wear pink.

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Ok, are you ready to see the ladies that joined me this week?



Michele N

That's a big " I just retired" smile! Congrats and I am so happy for you.



Thanks for stopping by to see what we wore this week. Or pretty much what we wore over the last two weeks. Join me back here on Friday for Friday Favorites.  I hope you are having a Good week. 


  1. You look lovely as always- still working 100% remote or are you getting into the office a tall? Asking everyone I talk to- I am a Recruiter so I can't help it- ha! :)

  2. I am still home but there are aspects of my job I cannot do at home. I cannot print a big stack of campaign checks (50-100) from home, so I will go in about once every 10 days to do that.

    The main thing to keep in mind is that while I work for a major corporation, we are a small satellite office. There are only five of us in our office and we all have private offices. So I feel safe. I wear a mask, and bring gloves always wipe off common areas such as the copier and postage machine if I use it.

    Happy to talk more about this if you want to email me directly or do a Zoom.


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