Friday Favorites: Good Podcast on Stress, Balancing Night Cream, Good Lip Balm, Calla Lilies and Fun New Masks

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Happy Friday Besties! Whew, this was a productive week and for that I am so glad. I have a lot on my to do list but I am just making my lists, working in blocks and using my time well. I am trying to stop myself when I feel myself scrolling at lunch and take that time to make a phone call or send an email so that I don't get too overwhelmed.

As I do on most Fridays I am linking up with ErikaAndreaNarci to share with you the things that bring me Joy this week. Are you ready? Let's go!

1) The Brilliant Balance Podcast

A friend told me about Cherylanne Skolnicki's podcast Brilliant Balance. I listened to the four part Stress Watchout series and it really spoke to me. Those four parts are:

1. Overeating/Under-exercising-I have probably been under-exercising during the pandemic at times and I am probably more of an under-eater when stressed. This was a Good episode to keep me in check.

2. Procrastinating-I really didn't realize until about a year ago, that procrastination was a stress reaction. This episode really helped in that when you are stressed and don't know where to start, just start something and you will feel Better

3. Mood Swings- When I am stressed? What? Who me? Yup. This was a Good watch out. 

4. Especially when I am stressed. Not only in myself, but directed at others when I am not at my Best.

As we are still in this uncertain times and as we deal with the back to work/back to school...or not...debate, this podcast can really help.

Check it out wherever you get your podcasts and on the website here

2) Ever Hydralift Oil Free Moisture Injection

I am talking a lot about Ever products on this site because they are safe and they work. Period. I have been using the Hydralift Oil Free Moisture Injection Gel  for several weeks now and it has totally balance out my skin. I have oily skin, which is Good for wrinkles but it does give me some shine. Since using this product at night, my skin is totally balanced. No more shine but not tight or dry either.

The Best part of the Ever products is that they have clean ingredients. I am working really hard to clean up my beauty act over the last few years but I also have crazy sensitive skin. This moisture gel and the Ever serum have totally changed my skin for the Better

As an example here are a few before and after photos.


The above photo is from January and I do have on a little make up in the photo. I remember looking at this photo and photos around this time and not really loving how my skin looked.

The photo below is from this week is not airbrushed. My skin really does look this Good lately. I think the overall appearance is that my skin just looks less puffy and all of my lines have softened. When I try a new skincare product I always do it slowly that way if I have a reaction to it, I know which product it is. I am super happy with Ever clean beauty. If you want to know know more visit my website here or we can always chat. 


***Note, I am a Brand Ambassador for Ever and Stella & Dot, so if you make a purchase, I will make a commission but all opinions are my own.

3) Grove Mint & Argan Lip Balm

I have a lot of problems with skin care items due to my health challenges. Specifically, a lot of lip products make my lips peel. I have been using this lip balm from Grove for a while now and it's a really Good product. No peeling and Good clean ingredients. The Best part is that is under $5! 

4) Calla Lilies

The pandemic meant that I needed to switch up the typical plants that I used to plant in my planters. I used more bulbs than I usually do and tried out some new plants including calla lilies. I normally don't plant bulbs that you need to dig back up in the fall, but under the circumstances I decided to give these a shot. They are coming in nicely and I love this yellow calla lily that popped up this week. 

I am open to any advice that you have if you have experience with calla lilies. Feel free to leave them in the comments below.  I mean can I dig them up in the fall and then replant next year?

5) Sewing Down South Masks

So I decided that we needed a few more masks around here and I just loved these masks from Sewing Down South by Craig Conover. They are super cute and really Good quality. The Best part is that when you buy a set of masks, they will donate a set of masks. They also shipped super fast. Oh Craig you have come so far. You can check them out here

southern charm GIF by Bravo TV

There is nothing wrong with Craig's sewing. #TeamCraig. #LetCraigSew!

That's what I have for you this week. I hope your summer is going well and I will you back here next week.


  1. You look better all the time- how is that possible? Ha! Love the meme- have a beautiful weekend friend XO

    1. Hope you have the Best weekend too. skin has changed for the Better with these products!

  2. Love that you love your new face cream. Who'd have ever thought we'd be collecting masks?! Have a great weekend! XO

    1. The mask is the new fashion accessory...right? Thanks for stopping by Lisa. Have a Good weekend.

  3. Love all these favorites this week! Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope your weekend is sweet.

  4. Every single one of those podcasts you mentioned sounds like it was made for me! I know I am under- exercising. I was actually doing real well when the weather was cool and we could get out hiking but I have zero desire to exercise when it's hot out. I hate to sweat.

    1. The Good part about those podcasts is that they are fairly short too. So you can listen to one part on an errand run. It really has helped me so check it out.

      Have the Best weekend!


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