Monthly Musings Vacations and Staycations

Hello there Besties! Are you ready to join Holly and me to talk vacations and staycations? Who knew this topic would be so ahem...interesting...when we came up with the topics earlier this year. 

1. Top Five Items You Pack When You are Headed on Vacation.

This answer is going to seem both practical and a little nutty, so here goes.

The first thing I always make sure I have is all of my medication and supplements. I always pack enough for the trip plus one full extra day because you just never know what can happen. Things you need to think about when you have a chronic illness. (practical)

The second thing I bring if we are traveling by car is coffee and the little shelf stable creamers. That way we have coffee ready to go the first morning. Heaven forbid I wait for coffee. (nutty?)

I also bring a little bit of cereal for Hockey Guy for the first morning too. (practical)

I also pack enough underwear for each day of the trip, plus two extra pair. One needs to be prepared! (nutty and practical)

My toothbrush. (not even practical--necessary)

2. Packing Cubes? Yes or No?

Ok, this is a Holly question. I have never used them and I don't know if I would love them or buy them and use them once and they would end up being clutter. I need some advice on these readers!

3. Do You Prefer Warm or Cold Destinations?

I am a warm destination gal, especially for vacations! 

4. Favorite Vacation Location of All Time?

For our family vacation, it would have to be Atlantis in the Bahamas and I cannot wait to go back there. We went about five years ago.

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For just Running Daddy and me, it would be Virgin Gorda and Caneel Bay in St. John. We went to both of these places on our honeymoom.

5. Given the State of Affairs, What Are Your Staycation Tips?

I think the most important thing right now is to support local and small. Local and small shops, local and small restaurants (or even locally owned franchises). 

I also think if you can safely do day trips, they can be really fun too!

6. Camping? Glamping? Or Uh No!

I am pretty much in the Uh No! camp...but maybe, just maybe due to the pandemic I could get talked into glamping.

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7. How Many States Have You Been To?

As of early this year, I am at 43 states. We count this as you don't have to spend the night but you need to be in the state long enough to consume a meal or make a purchase.

8. Have You Ever Traveled by RV?

I have not, but again in this COVID world I could be open to a luxury RV.

9. Most Random Place You Have Been to?

I don't know if it is totally random, but right after Christmas this year we went to Memphis and toured Christmas at Graceland. It was pretty awesome and since it was the only trip we did so far this year, we are pretty glad we did it.

10. What is the First Place You Are Traveling to When the Pandemic is Over?

I am actually not sure yet. It depends on how safe I feel traveling. I do know that I have over $1,000 in unused airline credits from a trip we had to cancel in late March. I am just not in any rush to get on a plane right now.

I am open to ideas for trips!

Thanks for joining us for this fun link up. We welcome you for linking up and reading.  Holly and I run this link up the last Thursday of the month.

See you here tomorrow for Friday Favorites!

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  1. Wow- you have been to alot of states- I need to catch up! May take me years but I so want to do it- the packing cubes answer made me chuckle but I also love your nutty/practical options too- can't wait to travel safely again and feel that joy of discovering new places!

    1. On our Christmas in Graceland trip we actually hit three states: TN, AR and MS!

  2. We have a rather large chunk of change in airline vouchers too from our trip (6 of us traveling!). We honeymooned in the Caribbean and the Bahamas was one of our ports of call. The Atlantis resort was brand new and as we were pulling in I looked at my husband and asked "what is that?" Once we realized it was the resort and we began reading about it I just knew we'd have to get back there one day. We all finally got passports last year and I am hoping to get that crossed off our list real soon.

    1. I sure hope we don't end up losing our money for these tickets. Six people traveling is a lot. Thank you for taking the time to stop by to read and comment.

  3. I am such a fan of the packing cubes and have had mine for at least 5 years. I use them on every trip, even if it is a weekend trip. It helps save space and keeps me more organized. They also can be used for local things even to use for a day at the pool/lake, ball field, picnic, outside gathering, etc. I love that you guys came to Graceland! I use to be a tour guide there so I know it well. Here's hoping you use those airline tickets to see a new state in 2021! Thanks for hosting!

    1. How cool that you worked at Graceland. We loved it especially at Christmas!

  4. Count us in among the people who have some airline credits waiting for us! Also, I like your definition of how many states you've been to. For us, we have to had spend enough time there to eat a meal or make a significant memory -- like visiting a tourist destination or something like that. And spent enough time there to get a good sense of what the state is like.

    I like your staycation tip -- yes, support local and small -- that's really important, especially now.

    1. Yes--we are on the same page for counting the number of states. It was super fun to hit three states on our Memphis trip.

  5. Highly recommend packing cubes! My husband gave them to us as a stocking stuffer one year and they have made packing and unpacking so much easier. We can’t wait to return to Barbados or possibly even visit St. John but have zero plans to fly anywhere in the next year. We had plans for Thanksgiving to visit Arizona and the Grand Canyon but that’s has been postponed indefinitely as a result of the pandemic. :-(

    1. Ok--thinking I need packing cubes. You ladies are the Best.

  6. Bringing coffee is not nutty at all- I need my coffee first thing! A friend of mine actually keeps a small coffee maker in her trunk in the event that wherever they are staying doesn't have coffee; now that seems a little nutty! I always bring extra undies too, though I forgot to mention that! I'm with you on having unused airline credits AND not really wanting to get on a plane anytime soon! Thanks for hosting this fun linkup!


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