Friday Favorites: Summer Lotion, Best Cuff Bracelet, Return of Hockey, Renovation Island, and Best Sunglasses

Heather Stillufsen on Twitter: "Hello 🌻 August #august… "

Why hello August! I cannot believe you are here already. I also cannot believe that we are basically in the same place as we were in say...April. That would be our house! We are working hard in our house and also getting ready for school, no matter what that will look like. Today I am taking a quick breath and linking up with ErikaAndreaNarci to share the things that bring me Joy

1) Mrs. Myers Body Lotion

I am working really hard to clean up my beauty act and use products that are Good for my body and not filled with scary chemicals. So many products in our house right now are from Mrs. Myers Clean Day and a few weeks ago I decided to try their body lotion. I have a lot of trouble with body products because so many products make me itch.

I am loving this body lotion from Mrs. Myers. The rain water scent is perfect for the summer. Nice and light and no itch.

I get my Mrs. Myers products from Grove. I have an order sent monthly and it has been really helpful, especially during the pandemic, to get cleaning and personal care items delivered right to my door. To try Grove and get a free gift with your first order click here

2) Rhett Cuff

A friend who is in my Stella & Dot VIP group pointed out how pretty this Rhett Cuff is. It is unlike anything else I own, so I added it to my July sampling. It is even prettier in person and light as a feather. It really is going to be one of my go to pieces for any season. It also comes in silver and can really blend with any pieces you have.

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This cuff is going to be on repeat as we head into late summer and fall.

3) Return of Hockey

Hockey is back, on our tv and in our house. We find ourselves watching games we don't even care about just because hockey is back.

Hockey Guy had to switch teams this year because the regular team he plays on will probably not have a season. We decided to look at options and go back and give travel hockey a try. We have typically not played travel hockey, not because he couldn't make a travel team, mostly because the travel schedule was not a fit for our family.

We were super excited when he made a very competitive team. The Good news is that the schedule will be very manageable. The Best part is how happy he has been since he was on the ice this weekend. He had not been on the ice since mid February and he has just been so happy since he skated. Hockey isn't a sport like others where you can practice in the backyard, so the pandemic has been really hard on hockey players.

4) HGTV Renovation Island

The Truth About HGTV's Renovation Island - YouTube

Have you caught this show? It's fascinating. Let me tell you this...there is a reason why this resort was on the market for eight years. If you need a new show, this is it. 

5) Peeper Sunglasses

I just got my third pair of Peepers sunglasses. I love them because they are super stylish at the Best price point. Running Daddy said I needed a pair of pink sunglasses and my previous pair needed to be replaced, so he helped me choose the Oceans Away style in pink.

I really like them because they come in a bifocal option, so they are a regular sunglass on top with a little bit of reader on the bottom. Brilliant!

These are perfect to round out the summer.

That's what I have for this week. I hope you have the Best weekend!


  1. I've been trying to rid our house of cleaning chemicals too and love the Mrs. Meyers brand but didn't even know there was a lotion! I'm going to have to check that out.

  2. Yeah! So happy for you and Hockey Guy- how exciting! Post pics and keep us posted- have a wonderful weekend friend XO


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