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Well hello and happy Sunday Besties! It has been a few weeks since I have stopped by this site. We were on a very safe and very dreamy vacation last week that we all needed. We have been trying to get things done this month for school to start and that and some other things have been taking up my time and thoughts.

Our life has been such that while I wanted to post this piece on early Friday morning like I typically do and about 80% of this was already written, this needed to be something that I need time to finish and post on Sunday. Thanks to all of you who still stop by here.

Now I am back and linking up with ErikaAndreaNarci to share the things that bring me Joy.

1) A Wedding Every Weekend on Hallmark


Oh what a delightful movie. I so love Kimberly Sustad, I think she is so beautiful, funny and a Good actress. This movie made me laugh out loud. There is a scene with some KT tape, Kimberly Sustad's character is a physical therapist, that had me laughing so hard and texting my friend who is a physical therapist.

The movies centers around two people who are invited to wedding every weekend, remember those years, and keep running into each other. Friendship and then romance develops. One of the weddings they attend is a wedding where there were two brides, which was very groundbreaking for the Hallmark Channel. 


I think Hallmark did a really Good job with this. There was no surprise that this movie was going to include a same sex wedding, so that people could make their own choice if they wanted to tune in or not. I thought they weaved this in so realistically as part of the fabric of our everyday lives. In addition, I love the jumpsuit that one of the brides has on!

2) Joy & Strength Devotional

I recently attended a Mary & Martha online party and picked up this 100 Days of Joy and Strength devotional. It has been a really Good addition to my morning. Some times it is really helpful to change up the morning routine and I am on day four and finding it helpful.

Speaking of Hallmark, it is written by the queen of Hallmark Candace Cameron Bure.

3) Sphere Chardonnay

Sphere Chardonnay 2016 | Wine Info

Sphere chardonnay is a lovely wine available at Trader Joe's for under $10. Chardonnay is not my go to wine but I do like it from time to time. This one is lovely and versatile. It would be a great party wine. Parties...remember those? Yeah I do too and I miss them.

With just the right amount of cream notes this wine is fermented in both stainless steel and then finished in oak barrels. Put this one in your cart the next time you are in Trader Joe's.

4) Old Navy Masks

5-Pack Triple Layer Masks

***contains affiliate links

Masks are kind of like underwear, we really should have a clean one every day. The 5 pack of triple layer masks from Old Navy are a perfect way for you and your family to have a clean one on every day. The also come in larger packs you need those. They are super soft and come in neutrals, cute patterns and plain colored. 

These masks are a really Good way to make sure that we are doing what we are supposed to do. Wear a mask! 

5) Ever Peel Pads

Reveal Peel Pads

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These Reveal Peel Pads by Ever are a total skin game changer. An Allure Best of Beauty winner, these pads are really Good for all of your skin challenges. 

As I have really sensitive skin, I was a little worried at first that these would be too strong for my skin. I have started really slowly and cut them into quarters and only use once per week. There is a little purging of gunk below the surface but no irritation. 

You know what else there is? The total softening of fine and even  deep lines. My "11 lines"above my nose are almost gone. I am pretty sure that I was born with these!

Ok, here is the progression of my skin with Ever

January 2020
Before Ever--light make up
Age 49

August 2020
After using Ever products--light make up
Age 50

August 2020
After Ever products--make up free
Age 50

I made sure to do a peel pad the night before we left and the night we got back. The peel pads are part of a power couple with Youthful Serum. These two products may be the Best skincare I have Ever used.

***contains affiliate links

If you want to know more about Ever clean beauty and what products might be right for you, take the online beauty consult on my website or feel free to reach out to me directly. 

That's what I have for you this weekend. Join me back here this week for What's Up Wednesday, Monthly Musings with Holly and Patty (topics should go up tomorrow) and Friday Favorites.


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  1. That does sound like such a cute movie! I remember when it sure seemed like we were going to a wedding every weekend... then the round of baby showers... in a couple of years (hopefully!) it will be graduation parties galore.


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