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Hey Besties. We made it to the end of June. Are things opening up where you are? We are starting to open up some here. We are playing it safe but starting to see some people.

It's the last Wednesday of the month and I am linking up with Shay and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday. Settle in to find out what we have been up to this month. We have had a pretty eventful June all things considered.

What We Are Eating This Week

Sunday-ribeye steaks, pan roasted fingerling potatoes and salad for Father's Day. There was a big cookie cake too for the boys.

Monday-burger night, broccoli and gorgonzola potato salad.

Tuesday- sausage polenta with salad

Wednesday-we are taking a little day trip if the weather holds out, so we will see what dining is like.

Thursday-probably something easy like pesto pasta.

Friday-take out at the pool.

What I am Reminiscing About

With this summer being a little different I am thinking about summers of past and fun camps Hockey Guy went to. I am also thinking about fun times at our pool and while things are not exactly the same this year, we are able to go there and see friends from a social distance.

What I'm Loving

I am totally loving the warmer weather and the time to work in our yard. It's really one of the upsides of having to stay close to home. Our garden is small this year but it is really starting to take off. We were not able to have a garden last year because right before I was going to put in the garden I busted up my ankle. I love to walk out in our yard and talk to my flowers, yes I said talk to them, and then also check the garden every day. 

I am also really loving our Sodastream and not really sure what took us so long to get one. 

What We've Been Up To

Considering we are just starting to open up, we have actually had a pretty eventful month with many milestones.

The first is that we were able to have a scaled down but safe in person graduation for Hockey Guy. I know a lot of people didn't have this opportunity. The opportunity to graduate with his class, which is only 50 kids, was pretty amazing. He has been at his school since he was in kindergarten and unless he becomes a Jesuit or a brain surgeon this is the longest place he will every go to school. It was just so Good to see all these kids, that are so close they are like siblings, and cheer them on.

They ended up giving the entire class the Citizenship Award as they said each and everyone one of the kids worked so hard and gave up so much  due to the pandemic. It was a Good day. It was not the day I envisioned a year ago but we are so blessed to be part of this community and to be able to send him to this school.

In another big milestone, Running Daddy took a major step in his life and became a Catholic this month. This was supposed to happen Easter weekend but it was postponed until June. Running Daddy has always been a really Good man, but being being part of our church and school community he really wanted a little more in his life. This was 100% his decision and his efforts and we were so proud of him. He really enjoyed his classes and it has really brought him a lot of peace.

We also celebrated 15 years of marriage this month.

What I'm Dreading

I am trying not to dread anything. I am trying super hard. I am just trying to just take things one step at a time. To be honest, there is a little bit of thought hanging out in the back of my mind about if they won't have in person summer classes or that they won't start school in a "normal" way this fall. I am trying to not focus on that, but the thoughts are hanging out in my head and I always try to be as honest as possible on this space.

What I am Working On

For my day job, June is always a really busy month. There are some big deadlines for the election season and I am working hard to get everything ready to go for that and make sure that I have not missed anything.

The other big thing I am working on is that I launched as a Stella & Dot brand ambassador this month. I am having a lot of fun sharing the jewelry, clothing, accessories and clean skincare that I love so much. If you are interested in hosting an online shopping event or even just grabbing a referral link, just email me at goodbetterbestfood@gmail.com. It's super fun and easy.

What I am Excited About

I am excited about all of us seeing our friends more. We are a family of extroverts. One of the parenting calls that our school put on for us, the counselor said that the stay at home orders were particularly hard on extroverts. Yup, you got that right.

I am also excited watching Hockey Guy with his high school prep. I know it is different than they planned for, but it is cool to watch him do his orientation calls and start planning for next year a little bit. I didn't get to do all of these cool things and I am just so glad he gets to have this kind of high school experience so far.

What I am Watching/Reading

Ok, still not reading anything but I am looking for Good recommendations. I like happy books. Holly said I would like the Elin Hillenbrand books. Any hints on what one I should start with?

As far as what I am watching, I made a pledge this summer to only watch educational television.  I am turning over a new leaf. Just kidding, Running Daddy and I watching all of our usual trashy TV and added in a really Good one too.

Real Housewives of NY

Wow, this season is a lot. Maybe the most intense ever. My girl Dorinda is not having a Good season. I think there is a lot of pain behind that sharp tongue.

Real Housewives Cry GIF by Slice

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

This is probably the Best season ever. I do not miss LVP and I think we are finally seeing the real Kyle. I have had her number for years. 

shocked real housewives GIF by RealityTVGIFs

I cannot take my eyes off Garcelle and think she is one of the Best editions to the cast. More Garcelle less Teddie please.

 Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills GIF by Bravo TV

Dirty John-Betty Broderick

I think the title of this show is confusing some people, but if you are not watching this series, you need to. Running Daddy and I are so into this series. We watch it, and then probably have a 45 minute discussion about it after.

The story is intriguing and I lived in San Diego for a short time in my mid 20's. The costuming, the sets, the food, so spot on for the 1980's.

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story Premiere Date Announced ...

Million Dollar Listing LA

Hockey Guy and I are really into this show and we are so glad it is back. We really needed some new TV to watch.

What I am Listening To

I have found the Faith Hill mix on Pandora to be really Good for the work day. A nice mix of country, with a lot of females in there and also some contemporary Christian music.

I also discovered a new podcast called Missing in Alaska about the plane crash where Congressman Hale Boggs and Nick Begich went missing in the early 1970's. Fascinating.

What I am Wearing

 In June I partnered with Top It Off  to share some of their Best of summer.

I so love the Top It Off brand and had such fun working with them. The Best part is that Top It Off is giving all of my readers 10% off any purchase with the code GBB10. Just in time for summer.

I am also wearing these Love earrings on repeat.

I am also wearing this terry pullover all the time. Perfect weight and can be dressed up or down.

What I'm Doing This Weekend

I think we are chilling at the pool and having some socially distant time with friends.

What I am Looking Forward to Next Month

With things still in flux, I am just taking things day by day. We don't have a ton of plans right now. Not even sure what the 4th of July will look like right now.

What Else is New

I think I have covered it all. Be sure to join Holly and me here tomorrow for Monthly Musings to link up or as a reader. We will be talking all things summer.

Hope you had a Good June!


  1. Congrats to your darling men- you must be so proud! Yes to Elin Hilderbrand novels for you- I would start with The Blue Bistro- that was my fave AND Elin has said it was her fave to write too! XO

  2. We had ribeye steaks on father's day too and tollhouse pie for dessert. I think we all have those worries niggling at the back of our minds.. I try not to think much beyond our week or two weeks but it's so hard to not know.

  3. YAY for being able to have an in-person graduation for Hockey Guy! That is so exciting!!! And I talk to my flowers too -- why else do they grow so well!?!? :)


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