Good Better Best Book Review: If You Only Knew by Jamie Ivey

There is only one Good way to start this book review and that is "Hi Friends!" Fellow listeners of "The Happy Hour" will know exactly what I am referring to with that greeting. Today I have the honor of reviewing Jamie Ivey's first book called If You Only Knew and it's a Good read. This fall I jumped at the chance to be part of Jamie's launch team for her first book, which was such a fun and interesting process in itself. While Jamie's book launched the end of January, I have had some Good but big life things come my way over the last couple of months and I needed to take some time to do my Best work on this book review. Since I am an avid listener of Jamie's podcast, I know she would understand because if we lived on the same block we would so be friends. (I know that just sounded so fan girl!) 

This book is as real, raw and warm as Jamie is on her podcast. Jamie...goes this book. She tells us the things in her life that she thought if anyone knew, they surely wouldn't like her or love her. She winds her story with scripture and makes you feel like you are not alone. Jamie talks about the labels we pin on ourselves that make us feel unworthy and how when we tell our story, when we "go first" it not only heals us, it can lead to healing for other people. Oh and by the way, we need to start forgiving ourselves, because Jesus loves you and no matter what you did or will do, he will still choose You. It is not your job for forgive yourself, because that is what Jesus is there for and He is so much Better than anything else out there.

Jamie talks about how stories can change the world. Isn't that what the Bible is...a collection of stories to help heal this world? While Jamie's story isn't my story, I know how hard it was for me to share my health struggles on this blog and even sat on part two of my lupus journey for an entire year. Jamie is right, when you tell your story, when you go first, you make it safe for others to heal. I cannot tell you how many people write to me privately who are struggling with lupus and tell me that for the first time they feel like when they read those posts it was like someone finally understood what it was like to to live with a chronic, invisible disease that could potentially kill you. I went first. It was uncomfortable, it was scary but now there is a resource for people out there struggling through this health crisis. 

I was able to get the galley of If You Only Knew this fall and there were many times when I teared up reading it. Hello I was even on a plane fighting back tears reading Jamie's beautiful words. When Jamie talks about going first and telling your story she uses the term "me too." Jamie's book was finished long before #metoo became a thing and it became a really powerful thing. She was on to something wasn't she?

I loved this book and it made me love Jamie's podcast even more. I mean how could I not love a book that has a final chapter called "Jesus is Better"? Go buy this book and "share it with a girlfriend" as Jamie would say. I know exactly the friend I will be loaning this to after I pull out my post it notes page markers. You can get Jamie's book through this link here or wherever books are sold.

Jesus is Better...Happy Holy Week friends! 

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