Monthly Musings July 2023-Summer Fashion


Hey there Besties! It's Friday Eve and time for Monthly Musings. It is also that time in the summer when I am in a little bit of a fashion rut, so I am so glad Holly suggested this topic. I am really looking forward to seeing the answers from the other writers who link up with us. If you participated this month, grab our graphic and link up with us!

Let's get ready to talk summer fashion!

1. Favorite Summer Outfit?

I feel like the skort/tennis skirt is everywhere this summer and I am not mad about it. I grabbed two of these skorts to wear on the weekend and have been pairing them with cute sleeveless tops. 

I have been struggling with shorts lately and these I think are a cute alternative.

2. Favorite Summer Footwear?

Always, always Jack Rogers for me when it comes to sandals. They are super comfortable and they really last. I typically buy them on sale at the end of the season and they are so classic that they always are in style.

Here are some of my favorites:

I have the exact pair above. They call the color platinum but it is really more of a gold. They match everything and run true to size. These are the ones I grab all the time.

I own a similar pair to the above. I think they are cute alternative to Birkenstocks. We, as in me, have a lot of strong opinions about Birkenstocks in our household. I know people love them and they are a Good recovery shoe, but they are so not me. 

3. What Summer Accessories Are You Wearing On Repeat?

I don't have many accessories that I am wearing on repeat this summer. This is definitely an area where I am looking for inspiration from our other writers who link up with us.

4. What Do You Use for a Summer Bag?

It's not super summery but I bought this Harper Tote from Simple Modern about a month ago. I needed a work tote that had a Good pocket for my laptop, a ton of pockets and wasn't heavy before you put anything in it. This bag fits the bill and it starts at $29.99!

I chose the option that has the built-in laptop sleeve in olive and then added my own strap to it for a little color. Similar strap here

Running Daddy also bought me a version of this bag for my birthday and it is my special occasion summer bag.

5. What Summer Scents are You Wearing?

As a base, I am still using the Suave Cocoa Butter or Cucumber lotions. On the weekends this is really all I need.

I am still loving my Good Chemistry Tiger Lilly and that is really nice paired with the Cocoa Butter lotion. This is mostly what I wear on work days. 

And for dress-up, it's always Chance by Chanel. Always!

6. Maxi Dress? Romper? Jumpsuit?

Ok, I am looking for inspiration here Besties! I like most maxi dresses on other people but I always feel like I look like Mrs. Roper when I put one on. Is it my height? Is it because my shoulders are narrow? I feel like it is so much material on me. I need guidance.

My thing with the romper, is that I feel like I am just too old to wear one.

I am intrigued by this jumpsuit but not really sure where I would wear it. I do think it is super cute.

7. Favorite Summer Sunglasses

I am at the point now, where I need reader sunglasses and these sunglasses from were cute and at a crazy Good price point. They don't slide down my nose and feel super light on.

8. Favorite Summer PJ's

I only wear Soma Cool Nights pajamas and I wear them all year long.

If you have never tried them, use this code to save $15 off your first order: 95048011402242

9. Do You Wear White After Labor Day?

I am totally old school and from New England. The only white I may wear after Labor Day is I may slide a pair of white jeans into September while it is still warm. The seersucker, linen etc. get put away that long weekend.

10. Favorite Summer Fashion Trend Right Now?

I have to say, I am loving the skort/tennis skirt. It's such a cute, casual option and I am so glad I tried one this summer.

Ok Besties! It's your turn to sound off on summer fashion. Leave your thoughts in the comments below or if you joined in for Monthly Musings today, please link up with us. I can't wait to hear all of the summer fashion inspiration to get us through the next few weeks.

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  1. I am cracking up at the Mike Meyers meme- I am the same girl- New England all the way and tend not to wear any white after Labor Day- ha! Loving the look and feel of skorts too- so comfy and cool for sure. Love your summer scents too :)

  2. The monogram shirt is super cute. I have been thinking about adding a monogram shirt to my mix of summer shirts. I am an "inadvertent" Birkenstock wearer. I ordered a pair for one of my teens years ago. They came in and had some defects in the appearance of the leather. The teen did not want them and I didn't want to deal with returning them. They fit me and I loved how they felt so I decided to keep them for me. I wear them ALL the time in the summer now! If your sandals are as comfy as Birkenstocks then I could see you choosing them over Birks, lol.

  3. I have 3 pairs of the Cool Nights pajamas and while I can't say I see a huge difference in actually keeping me cool at night I do love the super soft material.

  4. I love your summer purse/clutch. Too cute. I need to check out those pjs - can never have too many pjs. haha

  5. Okay, I forgot about the tennis skirt/skorts as an option. I'm going to buy some more shorts this afternoon and I may have to throw a skort in there if I can find one I like.


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