Friday Favorites July 21, 2023: Christmas in July, Bravo Drama, The Summer I Turned Pretty, Time on the Weekends, and Twist on Taco Night


Hello weekend, I am so glad to see you. The last few weeks have been a lot, but there have been some Good things mixed in too. I am so ready to take a deep breath this weekend and hopefully get some sleep.

I am linking up with  Erika and Andrea for today's Friday Favorites and I have all of the Hallmark Christmas in July, a summer series on Prime we are obsessed with, all the Bravo drama, time on the weekend and Rancho Taco mix. This is, as usual, a pretty eclectic list but totally what I am loving this week. Ready? Let's do this!

1. Hallmark Channel Christmas in July  

Anyone who has ever stopped by this site knows that I love the Hallmark Channel. I have been a Hallmarkie long before it was a thing. While some people think it is odd to watch Christmas movies in July, I cannot imagine not watching them.

I am always busy at work in July and I find the movies comforting after a long day. When they used to run them 24/7 for Christmas in July a few years ago, I often would get up early to work and would have a Christmas movie on while jamming through my to-do list.

Need a guide to Christmas in July? Well, you are in luck because a few years ago I did a two-part guide. Check out part one here and part two here. 

2. All the Bravo Drama

Wow. So much Bravo drama lately. Just when Vanderpump was winding down for a bit, the Kyle and Mauricio news dropped. Unpopular opinion, I am not a Kyle fan. Never have been, never will be. 


Thankfully, I have two of my favorite podcasts have all of the Bravo drama covered. If you don't listen to Two Judgey Girls and the newly released Garbage Sesh (formerly B*tch Sesh) you need to check them out. These ladies make me laugh so hard.

Garbage Sesh you need to pay for now, but it is $5 well spent. I gifted myself a subscription in June after a busy work month. Besties, I don't pay for podcasts, so this says it all about how I feel about Casey and Danielle. Guaranteed laughter is worth $5 a month.

I am also literally watching the new Real Housewives of New York at this very minute. So far, so Good in my book. Is anyone else watching? 

3. The Summer I Turned Pretty

Besties, I am obsessed. I found this last summer because Danielle Schneider of Garbage Sesh recommended it. I loved season one. Even Running Daddy would stop by and watch season one a bit but didn't really settle in for the whole season.

A few weekends ago it rained almost all weekend and I decided that I would watch the last two episodes of season one to prep for season two. Then I decided it was only six episodes, it was raining and Running Daddy and binged all of season one.

Running Daddy and I started season two and we are so in. This show is so well written and there is not a character I don't link...well maybe Laurel. Just a heads up that there is a cancer theme here, so if you are touched by cancer lately, you may want to hold off a bit on this one. 

4. Time on the Weekends

I love summer weekends. I think the reason why I love them so much is that I actually have time to breathe a little and have some downtime.

During hockey season, we are so busy rushing to a game, which I love, but there is not a time of time just to have a real weekend.

In the summer, I have plenty of options to go to church, take a walk, make zucchini muffins for Hockey Guy and grill with Running Daddy. I am really embracing this time. 

5. Ranch Night Rancho Taco

A few weekends ago I was in the grocery store and made an impulse purchase and it was a Good one. I had never seen the Rancho Taco seasoning from Hidden Valley Ranch and it sounded like something that might shake up taco night.

I made it last week and it was a total hit. Hockey Guy ate four of these tacos. It is like a regular taco with a little zing. If you are looking to get a twist on taco night, I highly recommend this taco mix.

That's what I have for my Friday Favorites this week.

Before I go, I want to wish Running Daddy good luck in his second Iron Man. He is headed up to Lake Placid, where the weather is supposed to be amazing for a race, to compete in his second Iron Man. He was supposed to do his second Iron Man last September, but we all got COVID about ten days before the race. He decided to try the Lake Placid race as an alternate this year. So think of him on Sunday as he swims 2.4 miles, rides 112 miles and then runs a full marathon after all of that. He's amazing and we are so proud of him.

Have the Best weekend!



  1. Best of luck to Running Daddy! Ok I totally need to check out that taco seasoning- my girls would probably love it. YES we are totally obsessed with The Summer I Turned Pretty- perfect series for summertime and yes girl on the Hallmark- we are definite soul sisters :)

    1. We are soul sisters! Thanks for the well wishes for Running Daddy. You should be able to find the taco seasoning at any grocery store!

  2. I have The Summer I Turned Pretty next on my list of shows to watch. With the writer's strike, I can catch up on some shows I haven't seen yet. I am about to watch a Hallmark movie now, or in the background as I do things around the house. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. The Summer I Turned Pretty is perfect during the writers' strike. It's super easy to binge.

  3. We don't have the Hallmark Channel but do have a channel showing Christmas movies, I've watched a couple over the last few weeks. hehehe
    Your summer weekends sound lovely, it is nice to have some downtime.

    1. Thanks. The downtime has been really Good! Thanks for stopping by.


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