What's Up Wednesday-July 2023


July has been a little hot, a little rainy and a month when we were mostly home the entire month, which is rare in our world. July has been filled with work, some summering and someone in this house became an Iron Man for the second time! Hint, they are not the author of this post. Since it is the last Wednesday of July I am linking up with Shay and Shaeffer for their monthly link-up What's Up Wednesday. Pour your favorite summer beverage and settle in for What's Up Wednesday, July style.

What We're Eating This Week

Honestly, I am not sure what we are eating this week. Running Daddy is getting back from Lake Placid on Monday night but I am not sure what time. Hockey Guy is working a lot this week and then has hockey. This week's schedule is up in the air so I am doing my Best to have healthy, easy food on hand for everyone.

What I'm Reminiscing About

I have been thinking a lot about how Running Daddy was supposed to do Iron Man Maryland in September 2022 but then we all got COVID. So glad that Running Daddy is healthy this month.

What I'm Loving

I am honestly loving summer weekends. I wrote on Friday about how much I was loving having time on the weekends. We are always on the move on the weekends from late August at least through March with hockey, so it is nice to have time to chill on the weekends. I can choose what church service to go to, do a little cooking or baking and just chill. I am definitely appreciating these simple Joys.

I also love this beautiful butterfly that was in our garden this weekend. I thought it might be a Monarch but apparently, it is a Swallowtail. 

What We've Been Up To

July is always a busy work month so me, so I have been working really hard. I am also working hard to make sure I get some rest and keep my stress level in check. 

Hockey Guy has been working and playing a bit of hockey. His summer has been starting to pick up and that is a Good thing. 

As I am working on this post, I am in our family room waiting to watch Running Daddy come through the finish line on the live stream for Iron Man Lake Placid. Working on this post is helping me because I have some nervous energy waiting for him to finish. I wish we could all be there with him but it was not in the cards this time. 

Here is Running Daddy coming across the finish line. It was his second Iron Man and he has run close to 40 full marathons. He said this race was the hardest race he has ever done. He finished strong and we are so proud of him.

What I'm Dreading

I feel like almost every month my "dreading" includes weeding our yard. We have had so much heat and rain and then we were gone a lot in June, that the weeds are just having a field day. I totally ignored them this weekend but they continue to just mock me. I need to get out in the yard for a few hours this coming weekend and show those weeds who's boss!

What I'm Working On

While I am focusing a lot on the work I have to do this month, the main thing I am working on this month is praying for so many people that I love. So many people I love and care about have some challenges before them and I am focused on praying and supporting them. 

I also need to start working on the back-to-school paperwork. I need to start that project stat!

I am also working on trying to figure out Threads. Is anyone else on Threads? I would love to have you all follow me on Threads and other social media. I can be found at @pcrichey on Instagram and Threads. I promise to follow you back as long as you are not some creepy guy...ladies, you know what I am talking about! 

What I'm Excited About

I'm excited about being on vacation soon. We all need a break and to be in our favorite place.

What I'm Watching/Reading

With Christmas in July, I am watching a lot of Hallmark. I love it because it always comes on in a month when I have a lot of work and it is really comforting to me.

Running Daddy and I are also really loving The Summer I Turned Pretty. I rewatched, Running Daddy got caught up on a rainy weekend, and we are now well into season two. I like all the characters on this series and while we are only on episode three, I remain Team Conrad.

I am also working my way through season three of Sweet Magnolia's. I think I am on episode three and so glad to have this series back. I love the character of Helen so much!

I also checked out the reboot of the Real Housewives of New York. I am completely intrigued by Jenna Lyons. Her run at J. Crew was legendary and I think this retooling of the show is going to be really interesting.

With the new New York cast, I almost think they should have just labeled it as season 1 episode 1 because it really is its own stand-alone show now and not a continuation of the original.

What I'm Listening To

I am still listening to all of my regular Bravo podcasts. Rosie O'Donnell has a podcast now and she recently interviewed Kristin Chenoweth and it was as delightful as all interviews with Kristin Chenoweth. I don't care who interviews Kristin Chenoweth, I will always listen because I am a huge fan.

Speaking of being a huge fan, with Tony Bennett passing this weekend, I have been listening to a lot of Tony Bennett. He was my absolute favorite singer. Seriously, you can keep your Frank Sinatra...give me Tony Bennett any day. Running Daddy and I danced to "The Best is Yet to Come" at our wedding and I was blessed to see him in concert five times. His music will live on forever.

What I'm Wearing

I haven't really done any shopping lately but I have been wearing outfits like this on repeat on the weekends.

What I'm Doing This Weekend

I am not sure what I am doing this weekend yet. I need to work on that.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

August is always such a big month. We will be going on vacation next month and I cannot wait. 

We also have Hockey Guy's birthday in August and it is always such a special day.

It is also the start of school for us but we will be easing into things. While they start at the end of August, most of the work starts ramping up after Labor Day. 

What Else is New

I pretty much covered everything for July here but I hope that you will join Holly and me for Monthly Musings tomorrow. Our topics for July will revolve around summer fashion. The graphic for our linkup party is below. 

I hope that you will join us as a writer, reader or both tomorrow for Monthly Musings.

I hope you had a really Good July and I will see you back here tomorrow. 


  1. I went to follow you on Instgram (because Instagram is my favourite!) and discovered you were already following me. I don't know how I missed that and I'm so sorry it took me so long to follow you. Yes, why are there so many creepy guys who want to follow us on there?!?!?

    Congrats to Running Daddy on his Iron Man. That is AMAZING!!! And I haven't had a chance to watch Christmas in July but now I'm looking forward to cozy nights under blankets in November watching Hallmark movies. Summer is so fun but SO HOT. Ugh.

    And your "weeds" meme made me laugh! That is me right now. They are out of control!

  2. Congrats to Running Daddy- what an accomplishment- I chuckled at "not the author of this post" ha! So glad you are enjoying your summer weekends and can't wait to read about your vaca- I would guess Hilton Head- am I right? :)

  3. Sounds like a good month and relate to you on the weeds in the flower beds. It is hard to tend to those in the months of July and August!

  4. Sounds like you are enjoying your summer - apart from the weeding and lawn care. It's been raining and humid here and my lawn is getting out of control.
    I have been watching the new RHONY as well - and altho I miss some of the old cast, I would agree I find Jenna Lyons very intriguing. I love her style. The other ladies I'm still trying to figure out.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!!
    -Morgan @ mommyaboveall.com

  5. Very impressed with Running Daddy and the Iron Man. Ughh, I can't even imagine. This summer I broke my weeding into different areas to I would only tackle a couple at a time.
    I find there aren't many of the new ladies to like on Real Housewives NY. Erin seems ok so far and Jenna but the others...not so much. I'd say too many narcissist but the old cast was full of them too-this cast just seems worse with terrible manners.

  6. No, you didn't become an Iron Man for the second time?! LOL. Congrats to Running daddy. We have been the same way with meal planning; between my husband working odd late nights and my one son taking night classes for his CDL, and another son working and juggling karate classes I never really know who is going to be home at what time to eat so I'm trying to make things that reheat nicely and have it ready early enough for whatever activity anyone has going on. I'm new to this whole not everyone sitting down to eat together but I guess should be thankful it lasted nearly 19 years!


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