Monthly Musings December 2023: Ringing in the New Year


Besties, are you ready to say goodbye to 2023 and hello to 2024? I think I am ready. 2023 wasn't horrible but it also wasn't my favorite year. Today for Monthly Musings, Holly and I are hosting our monthly linkup and sharing ways we ring in the New Year. Join us for the questions in the graphic above, linkup with us if you are writing your own post and make sure you visit the other writers who join us. Are you ready for the New Year's fun?

1. How do you ring in the New Year?

Honestly, it really depends on the year. Running Daddy and I don't feel pressed to have plans for New Year's but if we get invited to a get-together, we are game. I think we have plans this year.

2. Any special New Year's Eve or New Year's Day traditions?

We do like to watch bowl games around New Year's. Some of the schools that Hockey guy was admitted to/interested in are in big bowl games this year so it is even a little more fun.

I also like to take a really Good walk on New Year's Day. Things are usually quiet on New Year's Day and it is a Good way to kickoff the New Year. I will probably take Stormy with me as I do love to walk him.

3. Favorite New Year's memories?

Running Daddy and I met at a New Year's Day bowl game watch party twenty years ago. It was a small gathering and our friend was actually not trying to set us up. We have literally been together ever since. A truly Good memory. 

4. Show us some New Year's Eve outfits. We need inspiration.

I own this blouse and wear it a lot during the holidays with either dark rinse jeans or black pants. I wore this on Christmas Eve and will probably repeat for New Year's.

5. What are you most looking forward to in 2024?

Like a lot of parents of kids who are seniors in high school, the one thing I am most looking forward to in 2024 is knowing where life takes Hockey Guy. He has a lot of opportunities before him both for school and hockey and I cannot wait to see where he ends up. This fall I spent a lot of time talking to the Lord, but always ending our talks that I trust whatever plan He has for Hockey Guy. I know that His plan isn't always my plan, His timeline isn't always my timeline and whatever He has in store is always Better than anything we could ever dream up. 

6. Asleep by 10pm or ring in the New Year?

Honestly, this depends on the year. There have been many a New Year's Eve that I have been cuddled up by 10pm and asleep when the New Year rolled in. Many of those years I have been sick. This year we have plans so I think I will see 2024 come rolling in. Either way, we never really have any pressure about New Year's Eve.

7. Do you have a word or goals for 2024?

 I mentioned a little bit above and in the past that I only have one real goal for about the next twelve months and that is to get Hockey Guy off to college. That goal is so close and I cannot wait to see where he ends up.

My word for 2024 is Less.  I went back and forth between Less and Peace for 2024 but I truly think that if I focus on "less" in all aspects of my life it will hopefully lead to a little more peace in my life.

8. Best self care tips to share in the New Year?

I definitely think that meal planning is a Good way to make sure that everyone is eating healthy and make your evenings go more smoothly. 

Also, make your fitness goals attainable. It's probably not sustainable to say that you are going to workout every single day. Maybe make a more realistic goal of walk 10 miles per week.

The other thing I am trying to work on is sleep in 2024. My doctor has had more than one discussion with me about not getting enough sleep. It can really have negative long term health impacts and I need to take this more seriously in 2024.

9. Paper planner? Electronic Planner? None? Share your favorite brands or apps please.

The electronic planner is easy. We have used the Cozi app for over a decade. It just works for us for our family calendar. 

For my personal, work and blog planner I have tried a lot of paper planners. I use a paper planner to make my day the most productive it can be. The last two years I have used Plum Planner and I like the Plum Planner because you can basically design it to work for you. In 2024 I went with a little smaller size and chose the A5 which is basically a 5 x 8 planner. Some of these planners are so darn heavy and I think this slightly smaller size will give me everything I need. 

Here is everything I added to my planner for 2024:
Silver Metal Coil Binding
12 Month Planner
Synthetic with Clear Cover
Standard Layout
Color On
Lines On
Lines On
A5 Dispersed Blog Planning Pages
A5 Dispersed Lined Notes Pages
A5 Lined Notes Pages
A5 Dispersed To-Do List Pages
A5 To-Do List Pages
Essential Stickers

10. Black-eyed peas on New Year's Day-Yea or Nay?

This was something I really didn't know about until I was much older.  As a friend of mine explained it is Good luck to eat black-eyed peas on New Year's Day. She always told me it would bring me money. I don't always hold this tradition but if they are around, I will eat them. Putting them in something like a salsa or Texas caviar is  Good way to make this tradition happen. 

That's what I have for my New Year's plans. Now it is your turn to link up with us or share in the comments below. Happy New Year Besties

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  1. Wishing Hockey Guy the best of luck with his college/future plans! I definitely need to work on my sleep in the new year too.

    1. Please focus on your sleep in 2024. It's so important to all aspects of our health.

  2. Your favourite New Year's memory is the BEST!!! I love it! I also really like your word of the year -- "less" really can lead to "more."

    1. I went back and forth between Less and Peace but I think focusing on Less will bring more Peace.

  3. What a wonderful New Years memory!! How sweet! Hope you have a very happy New Year, and especially that Hockey Guy achieves his goals for college and everything else!

    1. Thanks Kym. It was an amazing way to start a new year and a new life. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. What an exciting year for you and your family. Can't wait to see where Hockey Guy ends up! :)


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