Monthly Musings December 2023 is December 28--Topics Ringing in the New Year


Hey there Besties! I have been away from this space for a little bit this month as there is a whole lot of life happening around here. Year-end is particularly busy for me at work and I am just trying to get all of the Christmas things done.

Holly and I wanted to make sure we put up the topics for Monthly Musings before Christmas so that everyone had them in time for the December Monthly Musings coming up on Thursday, December 28.

Grab our graphic, link back to us both and join us for the December Monthly Musings where we are sharing all of the fun of Ringing in  the New Year.

I hope you have the Best Christmas if you celebrate and I will see you back here soon.  

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  1. Cannot wait my friend! LOVE blogging with you- Merry Christmas!


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