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Did November fly by for everyone else? This has been a Good month and I am so ready for the holiday season. Here on the last Wednesday of November, I am linking up with Shay and Shaeffer for their monthly link-up What's Up Wednesday. Grab a hot chocolate or cup of coffee, light a candle and settle in for What's Up Wednesday.

What We're Eating This Week

I am keeping it real Besties and sharing that because we have a really busy hockey schedule this week I don't have a very solid meal plan for the week. I can tell you that on Monday we just did burgers and hot dogs with salad, fruit and tater tots. Tuesday will probably be baked chicken tacos. Wednesday and Thursday are totally up in the air but I am thinking that one of those nights we might do breakfast for dinner with pancakes, bacon and fruit. On Friday night we will figure something out on the way home after the game. 

As you all probably know, I like to have a meal plan because it just makes the nights run more smoothly when I get home and works Better nutritionally. Some weeks, you just need to go with the flow. This is one of those weeks.

What I'm Reminiscing About

I think the thing that I was reminiscing about this month was all of the Turkey Trots of the past. Running Daddy loves the Turkey Trot in our town and it typically has around 5,000 runners. He did it alone this year but I went to drive him and cheer him on. When he was little, Hockey Guy used to run a few blocks and then worked up to run the whole five miles. This year Hockey Guy took a pass to get some sleep. 

What I'm Loving

One thing that I really loved, and really needed, was having four days off over the Thanksgiving holiday. I had not taken any time off, not even one day, since we got back from Hilton Head in mid-August. We mostly hung out over the holiday but I loved being in our house and having the ability to just cook and watch Netflix.

The past few weeks I have been going to church on Saturday nights and I am really loving that option. I kind of like going to church when it is dark out and then coming home for dinner. I especially like this during this time of year. I also like not having to get up on Sunday morning and just chilling a bit. I am going to try to do this more when it works with the hockey schedule.

What We've Been Up To

We are in full swing of both hockey seasons, so mostly I have been inside of a hockey rink. Hockey Guy has been playing so well for both teams and this is a really exciting time for him.

Hockey Guy is also finishing up his college applications and one thing that I have learned from this process is that this is a marathon and not a sprint. Even when you have options, so much goes into the decisions and you don't have to make a decision right away. Everyone's college journey is really personal and for us, there are a lot of factors to weigh.

I have also had a lot of work but am also trying to find some time to chill as well.

What I'm Dreading

If you have followed me during the holiday season you know that I dread wrapping gifts. I usually hire my friend's daughter who helps me with my wrapping, but since she will not be home from college until close to Christmas, she is helping me with a portion of the gifts but I have some early gifts that I need to wrap.

Here's the thing about me wrapping gifts, I am not Good at it, I wrap really slowly and I am totally bored by the process. Even when I put on a movie I find this holiday task so tedious.

I am also dreading what Running Daddy may find when he looks at the pipes to find out why our sink is backed up. I know this is really exciting stuff but it is reality and totally what I am dreading.

What I'm Working On

Honestly Besties, I am working on trying to be more consistent writing here. This is a busy season of life and I am loving it, but there are also some things going on that often take precedence in my priorities. I want to try to write more this month and know that I am doing my Best to be in this space when I can.

I am also working on a plan for the 100 mile challenge that I am attempting with a group of women again from December 1 to January 31. I have not been able to do this for the last two years due to health problems that I was having around this time in 2021 and 2022. In 2020, I did hit the 100 miles so I am determined to make that goal again this year.

I am also trying to work on taking out my contacts, taking off my makeup and washing my face when I get home. It just sets up the night for relaxation and makes getting ready for bed so much easier. Plus, I do not need to be fully made up at dinner for anyone in my house, two-footed or four-footed.

Working hard to pray for people that I love that are going through a hard time. The Lord is always there and you can always take a moment to pray for those you love. 

I am also working really hard to just sit in gratitude lately. We have some exciting things happening in the Good Better Best household and potentially some more things down the road. I am working really hard to just focus on the Good things that are happening and soak in all of the gratitude as some amazing things happen.

What I'm Excited About

All three of us are excited about Christmas in the Good Better Best household. We haven't started decorating yet as I am a post-Thanksgiving Christmas decorator and I am having the cleaning team come today. I like the house to be deep cleaned before I start decorating.

What I'm Watching/Reading

First, from the moment I drink my coffee in the morning until I settle into bed at night, when I am home, I am looking to see what is on the Hallmark Channel. There have been some really Good movies this season.

My new favorites so far include:

Checkin' It Twice
Mystic Christmas
A Merry Scottish Christmas
Christmas at the Biltmore

I have not watched Haul Out the Holly 2 yet because we are watching it on Sunday for Hallmarkie bingo. I am super excited for this one. I love Lacey Chabert and Wes Brown is my Hallmark boyfriend. 

I am also watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This is really an interesting season and I think people are finally seeing what I have seen all these years about Kyle. She is super mean and aggressive to Sutton. I know people are totally going to disagree with me on this but to them I say...

What I'm Listening To

This month I got back into listening to the That Sounds Fun podcast with Annie F. Downs. She recently had Natalie Grant on who is one of my favorite Christian singers. This episode was like reconnecting with two old friends. It gave me all the girlfriends feels.

Due to this podcast, I am listening to Seasons by Natalie Grant album when I am not listening to Christmas music. This album is a collaboration and even includes Dolly, yes that Dolly. The story Natalie tells about how this duet came to be on the podcast is really fun. A few weeks ago I treated myself to an early morning peppermint mocha at the coffee shop along the water on my way into work and I had this album going and it was one of the Best commutes in a long time.  

What I'm Wearing

Over the weekend I pulled out my Christmas wardrobe. Yes, I have a Christmas wardrobe that I wear mostly on the weekends. Note that this photo does not include my Christmas pajamas.

When I am not wearing my Christmas clothes or work clothes you can find me in the 32 Degrees velour sets. They are soft, they are warm, they are durable and you cannot beat the price.

I took a small 
***contains affiliate link

I took a medium
***contains affiliate link

Hopefully, these are not giving you the Mean Girls mom vibes because honestly they are super comfortable. They would make a really Good holiday gift, even for yourself.

This past weekend I also busted out my Timberland shoes. These shoes were on my Christmas list last year and I was super excited when Running Daddy had them under the tree for me. They are perfect when you need something warm and cute but don't want to wear Uggs. These look great with girlfriend jeans.

What I'm Doing This Weekend

We have five hockey games between tomorrow and Sunday afternoon. I can't wait.

On Saturday I am getting my hair done and it really needs it Besties. Life has been getting in the way of the old cut and highlight.

Sunday we are picking up our wine from our wine club which is part of Running Daddy's Christmas gift every year. We love that we have such an amazing winery so close to our house. We will then hit the hockey game and I have Hallmarkie Bingo in the afternoon. We used to do this as trivia but have switched for bingo. Nikki and Diane are hosting the group and we will watch Haul Out the  Holly: Lit Up and play Hallmark-themed bingo. 

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

If you haven't figured it out by now, I am looking forward to all things Christmas. I am really looking forward to the season of Advent and the Christmas story.

I am also looking forward to my house being decorated for Christmas. I don't always love the process but I do love the results. 

I need to look at the calendar and figure out when our downtime is too. We had a much needed break over Thanksgiving and it was really helpful. A longer break around Christmas will do us all some Good.

The alumni hockey game will be coming up in December and that is always a really fun night. Hard to believe that next year Hockey Guy will be playing as an alum. 

We also have our big rivalry game in December. When I say this is a big game, I am not kidding. They typically have around 300-400 people at this game. I have seen years when people have been turned away at the door and even parents of players were almost not let in due to crowd capacity.

What else is new? The only other thing to share with you is that Holly and I are hosting Monthly Musings tomorrow and I hope you will join us as a writer, reader or both. This month we are discussing How We Holiday. Simply follow the question prompts below, link back to us in your post and then add your post to the link we provide.

We want to hear all of your holiday traditions and every holiday you celebrate. I always learn so much from these posts.

May I ask one more favor? If you could take a moment and follow me on Instagram at @pcrichey I would truly appreciate it. I will also follow you back unless you are some creepy guy. Ladies, you know what I am talking about! 

That's a wrap on November! See you back here tomorrow for Monthly Musings.


  1. Ohhhh, we are having a cozy evening of Hallmark movies tonight (after I write my Monthly Musings post) and I'm going to watch some of the ones you suggested. I've seen Checkin' It Twice but not the others... And yes, WHY to all the creepy guys on Instagram?!?!? They all look like the "big city boyfriend" in Hallmark movies -- you know who I mean!!!

  2. I haven't started decorating yet either! November definitely flew by in the blink of an eye!

  3. Yesss....looking forward to all of the holiday joy including lots of Hallmark...so excited for all of you for this hockey season...keep us posted on the college acceptances!!

  4. Those shoes are so cute; I am definitely going to have to check those out! We did very minimal decorating this year so it was up and done this weekend but it's feeling like a very different, very laid back holiday this year so we only put up our trees and stocking. I thought I'd miss the rest of it but I don't. Good luck finishing up all those college applications!!

  5. I am glad you are doing better this year with your health and sounds like a busy season for you. Your Christmas wardrobe is fun and cute!


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