What 's Up Wednesday October 2023


Oh October, you were everything an October should be. You brought us cooler temperatures, all of the fall flavors and the start of high school hockey season. Here on the last Wednesday of September, I am linking up with Shay and Shaeffer for their monthly link-up What's Up Wednesday. Settle in with a warm blanket, your favorite beverage and maybe a fall candle and join me for What's Up Wednesday.

What We're Eating This Week

Monday-sheet pan chicken thighs, roasted butternut squash with walnuts, dried cherries and a touch of goat cheese, plus zucchini and yellow squash

Tuesday- baked chicken tacos with salad

Wednesday-Greek meatballs, pasta and roasted vegetables

Thursday-steak tips, roasted potatoes and salad

Friday-game night on the road so we need to figure it out 

What I'm Reminiscing About 

This little boy, in the peacoat, with his nose and hands pressed up against the glass watching our local Catholic high school play hockey in kindergarten, I am reminiscing about how he used to go and watch this team play. He is now in his senior year and serving as assistant captain of this same team. There's nothing Better than watching a dream play out. 

What I'm Loving 

I am truly loving standing back and watching Hockey Guy and his friends enjoy their senior year. They are having such fun and are spending a lot of time in big groups. 

I am also loving the kick-off of the high school hockey season. We helped put together a very casual, last-minute dinner on Friday night before the season opener and it was truly appreciated by the players and the families. I am loving getting to know the large group of freshman parents that are coming on this year and spending time with the upperclassman parents.

What We've Been Up To

I have been on the road quite a bit in October. A few weeks ago I went up to see my mom and we spent some time talking and watching movies. I hit a farm stand on the way back which is always one of my favorite things to do.

I spent the next weekend in Pennsylvania with Hockey Guy at a tournament. Between high school hockey on Friday night and the tournament that ran through Sunday afternoon, he played five games in less than 48 hours. I think he racked up 7 points and had a hat trick in the Saturday night game. He worked so hard that weekend even submitting two college applications from the road. It was nice to have this one-on-one time with him out of town. 

We had the hockey home opener this past weekend and the Homecoming on Saturday. It is such a Good season of life right now.    

What I'm Dreading

Oh yes, my monthly comment about weeding and yard cleanup, I am dreading the work I need to do outside. The weather is supposed to be really nice this weekend and I am actually in town so there is no excuse for me to not go outside and handle those weeds that are mocking me and start splitting some hostas and iris. Even an hour or two would help.

What I'm Working On

We moved offices the beginning of this month, so I have been working on getting into the grove in our new offices. I am also working on not getting lost in the parking garage. Our new building and new garage is much bigger than our previous space and I get lost in the garage probably twice a week, and we have been in this space for three weeks. It's not getting any Better Besties...I think I will be getting lost in the garage for the next few months. 

I have also been working on praying big for a few people in my life. I believe in modern medicine and also the healing powers of our Lord. I believe that He works through the medical professionals and all those who show kindness to those in need. I am praying big, especially this week. 

I also working on getting all the things accomplished but also making sure I am taking care of myself. I have really not been getting enough sleep lately due to travel and our schedule. I am going to work hard at resting this weekend and then also things like the right essential oil blends and eating all the Good food to keep me from getting sick. 

What I'm Excited About

I am really excited about this season of life. I am just soaking in every moment. 

What I'm Watching/Reading

Besties, if you are not watching The Golden Bachelor, finish reading this post, queue up your On Demand and watch it now. It is the most delightful hour of television of the week. Gerry is what I want for all of my single girlfriends in my age group. The original franchise was getting really tired and this is a total breath of fresh air. 

Finally, Count Down to Christmas kicked off this past weekend and I am watching all the Hallmark. It brings me such Joy and I love that I can get this dose of comfort 24/7 from now until the beginning of January. I love starting my day with a cup of coffee and Hallmark at 5am. 

The boys in this house put up with a lot of Hallmark Channel, but they will also quietly stop and watch quite often. There are some plot questions walking by and then also a question about when some of our favorites air. 

What I'm Listening To

I am listening to all of my regular podcasts but have added Girls Gone Hallmark. They have some really Good reviews of the fall Hallmark movies and I am totally with them as they start to review the Christmas movies.

Light on in the Kitchen

There's a lovely playlist on Spotify called Cozy County and it is a Good default for me lately. I highly recommend it as you are winding down after work or while you are doing some work during the day. Light on in the Kitchen by Ashley McBryde is on this playlist and it is a delightful song. It is a little more of a "girl mom" perspective song but this boy mom is loving it. If you are not familiar, check out the video below.

What I'm Wearing

This fall I am all about the sweater blazer. J Crew Factory has some of the Best sweater blazers. I would recommend getting two, one in either black or camel and then a color.

Other than sweater blazers I am not wearing anything all that exciting.

What I'm Doing This Weekend

Friday night we have a hockey game against a very tough team and this one will be a late night.

Saturday I am looking forward to a weekend fall morning with hopefully a stop at the farmstand, more hockey and hopefully some time for cooking and downtime.

Sunday will hopefully mean church, a little yardwork and hopefully rest for all of us. We need some rest around here.  Oh and we need to prep the house for Halloween. Despite having three massive bags of candy ready to give out, I keep forgetting next week is Halloween.

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month

I am looking forward to continuing to embrace the fall season, beautiful November skies and starting a little Christmas shopping. I also really love the break of those five Good days over Thanksgiving. I love the time off even more than the Thursday holiday itself.

What Else is New

I think I have covered a lot of ground here for October, but speaking of Thanksgiving, I hope you will join Holly and me tomorrow for Monthly Musings. While it is still only October, we are talking all things Thanksgiving Prep. We wanted our readers to have all the tips and tricks you will need to have the perfect Thanksgiving several weeks in advance. We also invite you to jump in as a writer and link up with us to share your Thanksgiving traditions, recipes and prepping hacks.

The topics are below for Monthly Musings. Grab our graphic, answer the questions and link up with us.

That's a wrap on most of October, I will see you back here tomorrow for Monthly Musings!


  1. LOVE that you are soaking up every moment of this beautiful season for your family- enjoy it! Your dinners sound amazing this week- yum. Hope you get the rest you need AND The Gloden Bachelor IS delightful- so different from the regular Bachelor and so much better I think!

  2. Monday nights dinner sounds wonderful and I do have most of those ingredients on hand; I'll have to find a workaround since I don't have an oven but I plan to make something very similar tomorrow night. Thanks for the idea. I hope your Hockey Guy has an amazing senior year.

  3. Golden Bachelor is just what we need in these times.


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