Monthly Musings June 2023:Summer Fun-Vacay Trips, and Adventures


Hey hey Besties! It is officially summer. I know that it doesn't always feel like summer these days, I am looking at you New England and the mid-Atlantic, and that some parts of the country feel like the surface of the sun, ahem Texas. For today's Monthly Musings Holly and I wanted everyone to share all of the fun that is summer regardless of the temperatures. This post has all of the summer travel, cocktails/mocktails, and places we love to visit as the schedule slows down and the days get a little longer. Grab your favorite beverage and join Holly, me, and all of the other talented writers who join us every month for Monthly Musings.

1. Favorite Vacation Destinations?

When Hockey Guy was little, we went to Bethany Beach, DE for a Good ten years. It's an easy drive for us and it was the perfect spot for little kids.

Six years ago we decided we were up for a longer drive and a little more of a true vacation. We started going to Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island and never looked back. At first Hockey Guy was resistant to going anywhere but Bethany, but once he put his feet in that warm South Carolina water and had shrimp right off the boat, he was hooked. I always tell him that the Low Country has seeped into his veins. More on that in the future.

Sea Pines Beach 

Low Country Sunset

2. Best Packing Tips

Before I go anywhere, I try to think about what I will be packing a few days before and either don't wear that item until it goes into the suitcase or I think about my laundry in terms of what needs to be washed next so that I have what I need clean and ready to go. I don't like to scramble with laundry the day before a trip.

I am also a big fan of packing cubes. They do really help organize things and help save space.

I also always, always use show bags!

3. Road Trips or Fly?

Since the pandemic, we have been doing a lot more road trips than flying. This week will be our third flight in the last three years. 

We typically drive to Hilton Head and it is long, but we leave early and have it down now. 

We are flying later this week and it is because we have a quick trip and in this case, it is easier to drive than fly.

4. Favorite Vacation Memory as a Child?

Although it was not a summer vacation, when I was in middle school we took a cruise to Bermuda and it was really lovely.

5. Ocean, Lake or Mountains?

Running Daddy and I alway choose the ocean. He is not a lake guy but I am a lake girl. I grew up going to Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire as a kid so I like lake life.

We haven't really done the mountains but I would be up for it, but it would really depend on the activities. I don't camp and I don't hike. 

6. Campout or Indoor Grill?

Running Daddy is our griller but if the weather is too bad then I have a grill attachment for our range. He will grill in almost any weather as long as the propane holds out. I don't think I have ever turned on the grill.

7. Favorite Summer Cocktail or Mocktail?

I am a white wine gal and my friends all know my wine of choice is a Sauvignon Blanc preferably from New Zealand.

In the summertime, I do like a White Claw and I may even do a post ranking my favorite White Claw flavors. Sidenote, when Sheana gripped that White Claw at the Scandoval reunion I never I
felt more connected to her. 

My favorite cocktail is linked here. It's a Skinny Colada and one that I crafted after the Beach Club in Sea Pines Hilton Head. All the flavor of a pina colada without the heaviness.

8. Most Amazing Travel Upgrade Story?

It wasn't during the summer, but the first time we took Hockey Guy to Disney we totally got upgraded at the hotel. I went to check in and they told me to lean in because this "rarely happened" but they upgraded our room to the Club Level. I am not sure it was so random and I don't know why we were upgraded but we were totally into it and probably would not do Disney again without being on the Club Level. Mission accomplished Disney!

Why? Breakfast, snacks, appetizers, wine, beer and other drinks were included. We did the quick "beer math" and even though we are not big drinkers, we figured that by the time we had breakfast, a beer or two, etc. it probably ended up costing about the same to book a regular room and then these add on as it would with all of these amenities of the Club Level. They also had gluten-free options for me every day. 

Plus, there is a dedicated Club Level concierge who helped me plan the next day every evening. This was a big help especially with a four year old. 

9. Ice Cream or Popsicle?

I like a popsicle but I am all about ice cream. My favorite is Black Raspberry with Chocolate Jimmies (those are sprinkles if you are not from New England.  

10. Do You Camp?

No offense to my campers in the crowd, I do not camp. With all of my autoimmune disorders, I cannot imagine anything worse for my joints than sleeping on the ground. I am sure I would like to sleep outside for all of the fresh air but camping is not my thing, even in an RV.

Ok, Besties! It's your turn. Either leave us your summertime fun in the comments or link up with us below.

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  1. That upgrade sounds terrific and I had a good chuckle at the bear meme!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Running Daddy is freaked out by bears so this was for him

  2. Love reading all about Hilton Head when you share. Have an amazing time! I am with you with camping out- no thank you!

    1. I am just not the outdoorsy type. But I admire people who are!

  3. Patty, I enjoyed reading your answers and answering these fun summer questions.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  4. My rule is that I need a place to plug in my hairdryer.

  5. We grill in all seasons and all weather too; though I do leave that up to my husband. I can't say I've never turned it on as I used to be the one doing all our grilling but it's too hard to be watching food on the grill on the patio and getting all the other sides ready upstairs in the ktichen.

    1. Good point about trying to grill and make sides at the same time!

  6. South Carolina is always so pretty. Your summer cocktail sounds delish...I like Whiteclaws in the summer too.

    1. South Carolina is my favorite. I am so happy we get to go there twice this summer.

  7. Hahah.. I also do not camp! We have been glamping but even that I can only handle for a night or two.

    1. I might glamp but there would have to be a lot of restrictions!

  8. We went to Hilton Head Island once and I would LOVE to go back. I think it would be so much better with older kids. We spent a lot of time at the beach or at the mini golf courses and I would want to bike all over with our kids now.


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