Friday Favorites June 23, 2023: Sleek Shampoo, Sugar-Free Dressing, Unedited Reunions, Best Sports Bar in America, and Lilies


Hey Besties, I am back from a little travel and taking a moment to share a few things that I am loving this week. This week has a little beauty, a little food, a little Bravo, a travel restaurant recommendation and a peek into my garden for lily season. Since it is Friday I am linking up with  Erika and Andrea for Friday Favorites. 

1. Garnier Sleek and Shine Shampoo

At some point in our travels over the last few months I bought a travel size of this shampoo. When we were traveling this past weekend I threw this in my travel bag and used it in the hotel. This is a really Good product. I was not born with Good hair and I have to have the right products. I have been really happy with my Biolage smoothing products that I have been using for about a year and a half but with all of our travel and some car maintenance expenses over the last month, I was looking to save a little money in the beauty budget.

Since I was happy with how my hair looked while we were traveling this weekend while I used this Garnier Sleek and Shine, I decided to grab a bottle this week to give it a try and save some bucks. You know what...I like it at home too!

The weather has been really weird here lately and we had a lot of rain today. This shampoo is really helping to keep my hair straight after my blowout and doesn't weigh it down. So far I am happy with this product and may give others in the Sleek and Shine line a try.

2. G. Hughes Sugar-Free Dressing

Speaking of things that I am working on due to travel, I am working on cleaning up my diet a bit post-travel. Running Daddy and I love a Good chopped salad kit with dinner but I am also working on my sugars. I found these G. Hughes dressings this past weekend and I am loving the sugar-free Sweet Vinaigrette.

I like this paired with the salad kits such as the kale ones and then there is one that is called sunflower crunch that this pairs with nicely. It is a little pricier than a regular dressing, but not by much, and since I am saving all that money on shampoo this dressing comes in as a bargain!

3. Unedited Bravo Reunions on Peacock

Bravo ran the Vanderpump Rules reunions unedited on Peacock. It was such a hit, they added part three of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion to the unedited mix. It is totally the way to watch this.

I am a big girl and I can handle the swearing. I may not try to cuss on a regular basis, but being able to watch the reunion unedited, cuss words and all, really helped enhance the experience. So much Better without the beeping!

4. Lily Season

It's lily season in my garden and I am loving it. I used an organic fertilizer in late April and we are totally seeing the benefits this year. Our garden is looking so Good.

To celebrate the end of the week, here are some lilies for your to enjoy Besties

I am terrible with houseplants but I am getting pretty Good at my garden flowers. 

5. Sup Dogs-Greenville, NC

We were in Greenville, NC last week and went to dinner at Sup Dogs which is a local sports pub that has amazing hot dogs and burgers. They also have a location in Chapel Hill. The Greenville location has been named the Best Sports Bar in America three times by Barstool Sports. 

Their food was so Good and I was struck by how fun it was and the diverse demographics. Sure there were college kids in there, but there were also families with young kids, grandparents with grandkids and also the local fire department was having dinner in there. I had the Smokehouse Burger and it was amazing. 

Warning to the moms, the only thing they don't have is they do not have one drop of wine in there. I went with a hard seltzer that I confirmed was gluten-free and our waitress didn't steer me wrong.

If you are in Greenville or Chapel Hill you should check it out.

I hope you have a Good weekend and I will see you back here next week to round out June with What's Up Wednesday and Monthly Musings.


  1. Loving your flowers -they must bring you joy- so pretty! Have a great weekend friend XO

    1. They do! I really love the dark red ones. Thanks for stopping by Holly. See you next week.

  2. I love the sound of that shampoo and that salad dressing. Your flowers are just beautiful.

    1. Thanks Kim. I am loving the dark red lilies. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I am going to have to look for those sugar free dressings; they sound fabulous. I was just noticing today that all my lilies are blooming and I love seeing them in bloom.


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