Friday Favorites: June 9, 2023-Three Beauty Products, Morning Walks and a Good Ice Cream Alternative


We made it to Friday Besties! Is anyone else dealing with the impact of the wildfires? It is very hazy here and I am not sure when it is going to go away. Be careful out there until the air clears.

Since it is Friday I am linking up with  Erika and Andrea for Friday Favorites. Cuddle up inside and join me for Friday Favorites.

1. Makeup Revolution Balm Glow

I am literally obsessed with this product. Balms are all the rage right now but most are fairly pricey. This balm is $12. Yup $12 at Ulta and other stores. I have both the Peach Bliss and Sunkissed Nude. 

I use the Sunkissed Nude as a bronzer and I am especially obsessed with this Peach Bliss as a highlighter over my blush. It just makes everything so soft and beautiful.

Don't freak out when you open the tins and see the colors. The Sunkissed Nude is much more of a pinky brown. Take a bit and warm it on your hand and apply with a large brush for a bronzer. The Peach Bliss is going to look super orange, like Crayola orange,  but it is not. Take a bit from the tin, warm it on your hand and apply with a highlighter brush.

Peach Bliss

Sunkissed Nude

2. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre Gloss in Pillow Talk

Charlotte Tilbury recently sent me this lip gloss to try and I love it. It's the perfect nude pink for summer. I believe that Pillow Talk looks Good on everyone. It's such a homerun. 

This lip color is very moisturizing and long-lasting. Definitely a Good call for summer.

3. Early Morning Walks

Now that Hockey Guy is driving himself to school/it's summer break, I have some extra time in my schedule in the morning. For the last three weeks I have been getting up at my usual time at 5 am and drinking coffee with Running Daddy but at 5:30 am I have been getting on my walking clothes.

I go on a 30 minute walk, no dog, and either listen to my podcasts or my Jesus music. There is a ton of material in the Bravo podcast universe and the days that I listen to my Jesus music creates a really Good way to start the day.

I am not Good about working out at night, and I needed to decide that I really did have time in my day to get a workout in. I have to say that I am starting to feel some toning, I am sleeping Better and I am feeling some light cardio benefits too.

4. Wegman's Coffee Caramel Fudge Almond Milk Ice Cream

I have also been working to cut way back on dairy lately. I think it doesn't serve my body well. Besties, who knew almond milk ice cream could be so Good? I also think that I am a full-fledged adult now because I now, as of this year, enjoy coffee ice cream. Coffee ice cream always seemed so adult to me.

If you have a Wegman's near you, also known as the Best grocery store on the planet, give the coffee caramel fudge almond milk ice cream if you need a non-dairy treat.

5. Trader Joe's Brazil Nut Body Scrub

 The Brazil Nut products at Trader Joe's are apparently flying off the shelves. People have been raving about the body butter and comparing it to this product but at a lower price point. They recently released a body wash and body scrub. I actually needed a body scrub so I picked up one of the Brazil Nut scrubs last weekend.

This body scrub smells lovely and is great to use right before shaving your legs. If I can get my hands on another one of these, I will probably pick one up to have towards the end of the summer. I heard some stores may be limiting the number that people can buy on the body butter so you might want to get to Trader Joe's this weekend and give it a try.

Stay safe if you are impacted by the wildfire air quality issues and have the Best weekend. 


  1. Love your lip colors- perfection and that ice cream alternative sounds delish! Have a great weekend my friend XO

  2. I've never tried almond milk ice cream but it sounds delicious. I have been using almond milk to make smoothies and they taste great. I love your nude lip colour!

    1. Thanks Ruth! The almond milk ice cream is a really Good alternative!


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