Hello Monday January 3, 2022-Your Favorite Posts of 2021


Happy New Year Besties! I for one am tiptoeing into 2022 and trying not to cause any trouble. I had intended for this post as a Friday Favorites last week but we made a little u-turn with our plans and went up to see my mom for the day on Friday. Today I am sharing the most popular posts of 2021. I mentioned last week that Good Better Best hit a big milestone in page reads in December that was a little mind blowing. This post is for everyone that stopped by Good Better Best in 2021 and I always think it is fun to look back at what people like to read. Shall we get to the list? Let's go!

5. Charcuterie Cups and Rose' Water Review


Remember in April when some people were vaxxed, others were not yet and we were all trying to still find ways to safely socialize? I came up with these individualized charcuterie cups and then also did a review on rose' water. These are still a Good way to entertain pandemic or not.

4. Friday Favorites December 3

The #4 spot goes to a recent post and a Friday Favorites. This post was filled with holiday cheer. A Good Hallmark movie, some wintery coffee, perfect tee, and a lip color I love. 

3. Comfort in the Chaos from January 8

That first week of January 2021 was a lot and as a person who lives and works in the Washington, DC the events of January 6th had a big impact on me which linger to this day. The only way I could really process things from that week was to spend time on this site and find sources of comfort in the chaos

2. November What's Up Wednesday

The November edition of What's Up Wednesday was filled with all the late fall feels and holiday previews. This was the second most popular post of the year.

1. Friday Favorites January 15

This Friday Favorites included things like a Good chardonnay recommendation, a little Hallmark and joggers. It came on the heels of a Covid cry and truly represents all the things Covid comfort, which is Good because we are kind of in a similar spot right now.

Thank you for joining me in 2021 and I look forward to even more fun posts in 2022. Feel free to leave me what you love the most on this site in the comments below.

I hope you will stop by later this week when I reveal my word for 2022 and hopefully share Friday Favorites as well. Wishing you the Best start to 2022!

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  1. Loved them all! Hoping to read more about your work this year and of course all the Hallmark ;)


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