Friday Favorites January 7, 2021: Yummy and Healthy Oatmeal, Easy Soup, MDL Josh & Josh and a Fun Wine Glass


Hey there Besties, I hope your first week of 2022 was a Good one. My week was busy but there were moments of quiet time as well. That is a combo I really like. Now that we are at the end of the week I am linking up with Erika and Andrea for my Friday Favorites and all of the things that I are bringing me Joy in the New Year. 

1. Simple Truth Probiotic Oatmeal

I bought this when I wasn't feeling well a few weeks ago and was on an antibiotic. Yogurt doesn't really agree with me so I took a probiotic in a capsule but then also added in this oatmeal. It's organic, it's gluten free and it's so yummy it's part of my new breakfast routine. I purchased this oatmeal at Harris Teeter.

2. Leftover Soup

Around Christmas I was on Instagram looking at the photos of New York Housewives Dorinda Medley's Christmas decorations. It led me to a little video where she walked through her refrigerator. She talked about how she always keeps broth in her Berkshires house and when she is leaving for NYC, she takes all of her leftover vegetables and meats from the weekend and simmers in broth for a few hours and makes soup.

I did the same thing this weekend with leftover rice and roasted vegetables in some beef broth that I had left from a chili I was also making. Besties, it was so Good and such a Good way to stop food waste, which is something I am very guilty of. Running Daddy and I enjoyed this all week.

Thank you Dorinda for helping me "make it nice". Maybe I will call it "Make It Nice" soup.

3. Million Dollar Listing Josh and Josh

Million Dollar Listing is the show that Hockey Guy and I like to watch together. I like both the LA and New York version but do lean towards LA mostly because I love Josh Flagg and think he has impeccable taste. 

Hockey Guy and I have really been enjoying the spin off of Josh & Josh. I admire Altman's hustle and the fact that he is from Boston is a plus. Check it out if you need something fun to watch.

 4. Hockey Wine Glass

How cute is this wine glass my friend gave me? It says Jack's mom on it and has a mini puck embedded in it. She also had a pint glass version designed for Running Daddy. 

I busted this out last night for Friday Eve, as I have been holding off on my wine due to some health considerations the past few weeks. It was really fun to have a glass of wine last night, post hockey game in this wine glass.

That's my list for you this week. I hope you have the Best weekend and I will see you next week!


  1. Oh my gosh I can't believe what you wrote about soup- When I got up this morning, I threw a bunch of veggies in with some chicken stock and water and it is simmering on the stove now- you are right! Getting rid of the waste this year! Love your wine glass- so cute and perfect for you :)

  2. Holly, we are soul sisters! You are going to be so glad you made that soup for this weekend!


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