Friday Favorites January 21, 2022: Joy for Christmas, Morning Routine, Trader Joe's Olive & Herb Nuts, Even the Rich-Patty Hearst


Happy Friday Besties! I hope you had a Good week. We had a four day week around these parts that started with the end of a hockey tournament, had some winter weather thrown in and will also end with hockey tonight. As we head into the end of this week I am linking up with  Erika and Andrea for Friday Favorites to share what is bringing me Joy this January week.

1. Joy for Christmas on GAC/Prime

If you have been on this site for even a few posts you probably know that I am a Hallmarkie. Lately there has been a lot of chatter and I would also say angst because some of the Hallmark stars aka Hallstars have made some movies for GAC...gasp. We actually don't have GAC but I was able to find a few of the GAC Christmas movies on Prime last week.

I highly recommend Joy for Christmas if you are missing all of the Christmas movies in this dark January. It stars the delightful Cindy Busby and my Hallmark boyfriend Sam Page. Don't worry, Running Daddy doesn't care that I have a Hallmark boyfriend, he even has his own Hallmark girlfriends. 

This movie follows the formula and one that I am here for. I truly enjoyed it and it was the Best surprise to find these movies on Prime.

2. Morning Routine

For the last part of 2021, I got out of my early morning routine of mediation, prayer and gratitude journaling. Around this time, I was also starting to feel more anxious and not sleeping as deeply. A few weeks ago I took stock of things and realized that not practicing my mediation, prayer and gratitude habits was probably not serving me well, and I jumped back in to this routine last week.

Over the weekend, I slept nine hours on Friday night and nine hours again on Saturday night. Besties, I cannot tell you the last time I slept this long and especially two nights in a row. I am just not a person who can sleep in even on the weekends. Even during the week lately, when I sleep more like six hours per night, my quality of sleep is so much Better

Could this be a coincidence? Sure it could, but I really think that jumping back into my morning routine of meditation, prayer and gratitude journaling has been key to me sleeping Better, keeping perspective and giving myself much need grace lately.

I have been thinking about doing a post on my morning routine for a while now, well when I am actually doing it. If you would be interested in a post on that topic, leave me a note in the comments below.

If you are struggling with insomnia, poor quality of sleep or anxiety, you might try some of these techniques yourself. 

3. Trader Joe's Olive & Herb Nuts

This was an impulse purchase like so many Trader Joe's purchases. I am not sure that I had ever seen these olive & herbs mixed nuts before my most recent trip but they are going to be on my Trader Joe's standard list from now on. They are mixed of herb seasoned nuts with dried olives and so different from other nut mixes. 

I have been enjoying these as a work day snack but they are also perfect for a charcuterie board or even my charcuterie cups. Definitely check these out on your next trip to Trader Joe's.  

4. Even the Rich Patty Hearst

I love the Even the Rich podcast. I find it really well researched and the hosts do a Good job of storytelling. The latest episodes are on Patty Hearst. This story happened when I was really young and I remember hearing her name on the news, but this is really not a story I know much about. I am one episode in on my walks but I am really enjoying this podcast.

I am so glad it is the weekend Besties. This week has be a lot. It is about to get super cold here and I am looking forward to some cozy downtime. Have the Best weekend. 


  1. It is amazing what practicing gratitude can do to our perspective and well being right? So glad you are back in the groove- those nuts sound amazing too- leave it to Trader Joe's! Have a wonderful weekend friend!

  2. Nothing beats a GREAT night of sleep! I'm kinda jealous that you had two great nights in a row... I don't think that has happened since before we had kids.

    1. I am just amazed that I slept like that and twice. It is such a rarity in my world.


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