Monthly Musings January 22 Topics: Love and Valentine's Day


Hey there Besties,  I hope you had a Good weekend. My weekend was filled with hockey. 

Holly and I are kicking off Monthly Musings 2022 this Thursday and we hope that you will join us and answer the questions for January. Since we are so close to Valentine's Day we are talking all things love and Valentine's. Join us for our link up and check out the other writers who join us every month.

Speaking of link ups, check out Holly and Sarah's link up Hello Monday today. 

See you back here on Wednesday, hopefully, for What's Up Wednesday, on Thursday for Monthly Musings and then Friday for Friday Favorites.


  1. Can't wait for our first link up in 2022- thanks for being the Best Blogging Bestie ;)

  2. I hope the hockey games went well! I can't wait for Monthly Musings!


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