What's Up Wednesday-January 2022


Hey there Besties. Is it me or has January been a really weird month? Not super bad, just weird. While I am pondering the weirdness of January I am also linking up today with Shay and Sheaffer to chat about what has been up in January. Are you ready? Let's go!

What We're Eating This Week

Because we have a busy schedule, I don't really have a set meal plan for the week. I made sure that I have easy, healthy food on hand for whenever we are home.

The exception to this was Monday when we unexpectedly had a hockey game cancelled because the chiller at the rink was frozen. Yes, a chiller is actually a thing and no, it doesn't involve wine or beer. Because the game was cancelled, I had tortellini and gluten free ravioli on hand and made those at the last minute with salad.

For the other nights, we have plenty of grilled chicken strips, a soup I made over the weekend, turkey burgers and fruit. So no set dinner plan, but a lot of Good options when we need them.

What I'm Reminiscing About

We are so deep into the hockey season now, so we are reminiscing about hockey seasons from years ago.

I have also been gluten free for eleven years this month. I have been thinking a lot about how this has become easier over the years and that way less people tell me "it's a fad." I shouldn't care what people say about my health journey, but at least that part has been way less annoying.

What I'm Loving

Is anyone else's house looking really bare now that all of the Christmas decorations are down? This time of year I really try to fill in the spaces and give my house a warm look. One thing I am really loving is mercury glass candle holders.

Dancing Granny gave me these really pretty birch look battery operated candles for Christmas. I knew they would help give our family room some warmth during the dark days of January. I wanted to get some new candle holders for these and thought that mercury glass would be the prefect option.

I love these tall candle holders and was surprised that the bases light up as well giving even more warmth to the space. They are perfect for the birch candles. I also grabbed the mercury votive holders as well. The Best part, they are currently on sale. 

On Monday nights, I have been putting on my candles and catching up on the current season of The Bachelor

Votives                                                            Pillar holders                                    Similar candles

What We've Been Up To

We have been all over the greater mid-Atlantic area for hockey. Some of our games have been 60-70 miles away, each way. There is nothing more I love than to see Hockey Guy skate. For the record, the high school game are the most fun. Thank heavens for the crockpot!

What I'm Dreading

Oh, all that clutter I need to clean out of our house which has been put off while we have been on the road for hockey. The one Good thing I have found lately is the Buy Nothing Facebook site for our neighborhood. It is truly amazing what people will take off your hands and pick up on your front porch. I need to go snap some photos and clear out more clutter for that site.

What I'm Working on

With it now officially being an election year, there is a lot of actual work to prepare for during my day job. Luckily I have Good systems in place and I am ready for whatever 2022 throws our way.

I am also working on incorporating my word for 2022 into my daily life. My word for 2022 is Less and it is not meant in a negative way. There have been several times this month when I have been learning towards doing too much or buying something that wasn't expensive but that I just didn't need and I fell back on the word less. You can read more about my word for 2022 in this post here

I am also working on thinking about what I consume for media, especially social media. The last week has been really bad on both sides and I am just going to take a break on social unless it is for Good Better Best. I am making sure I am choosing more positive platforms and presenters.

Finally, Holly and are are kicking off Monthly Musings 2022 on Thursdays. We have our first list of our fun questions below for January and I am working on the graphic for the entire year as well. We would love to have you join us tomorrow as a blogger if you have not done so before and of course we would love to have you stop by as a reader.  We love our regulars too!

What I'm Excited About

I know I may sound like a broken record from about September through March, but I am excited about hockey season. We love both teams this year so much. There is nothing like his high school team where people actually care about your kid on the team. Hockey Guy has really made some Good friends with the upperclassmen and that has been fun to watch.

Our travel team is probably the most normal group of travel sports parents I have ever encountered in my life. We actually cheer for other people's kids and everyone means it. The boys are all friends. Anyone who has kids that play travel sports in upper grades will know what I am talking about.

What I'm Watching/Reading

Right now I am working my way through reading A Simplified Life by Emily Ley. It is probably where I got my inspiration for my word of 2022. Yes, Besties, I finally have a book to recommend. 

With it being so cold out and the end of the Hallmark Christmas season, I am actually watching a lot. On my current watch is: The Bachelor, Salt Lake Housewives, I rewatched Sweet Magnolias in preparation for season two, Brazen on Netflix (this is very adult but stars Sam Page and Alyssa Milano), A Joyful Christmas on GAC which I found on Prime and also stars my Hallmark boyfriend Sam Page, and finally Million Dollar Listing Josh & Josh.

What I'm Listening to

In my quest to think about what I am consuming media wise I have gone back to The First Fifteen in the morning. I have really enjoyed the Even the Rich series on Patty Hearst which is not something that I really knew the details of that story. Finally, I am still listening to  Bitch Sesh and Two Judgey Girls for all of the Bravo fun.

What I'm Wearing

It's pretty cold here, basically the coldest it's been since 2019, so I am wearing a lot of things on repeat. Here are a few things that I am loving lately.

Shearling slippers from J Crew Factory

My feet are always so cold and my Ugg slippers needed to be.  replaced so I grabbed these slippers from J Crew Factory in pink. I think they only have the blue color above in stock but they are on sale. I have to tell you they are as warm as my Uggs and they have a Good sole on them that are perfect for walking out back to see exactly what our dog is doing on a cold morning.

My next item to keep me warm from J Crew Factory is this turtleneck which is also super soft. It is the right navy which make it look classic but not dowdy. 

I have paired this with jeans, cords and Ugg boots to work from home and on the weekend.

When I want to dress up my jeans a little I have been Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt from Stella & Dot. It is on mega sale right now and will be perfect when the weather starts to change soon too.

My final item on repeat lately is this striped sweater from J Crew Factory.

This sweater is also super warm and soft. You can wear it with jeans, black pants, leggings or cords. This might be my favorite sweater right now.

What I'm Doing this Weekend

This weekend will be a mix of high school hockey, travel hockey and hopefully decorating for Valentine's Day.

I have also been trying to make a soup or chili every weekend to have on hand so that is also my plan for this weekend.

What I'm Excited About Next Month

I am looking forward high school hockey playoffs as they have already grabbed a spot in one of the divisions. It will be so fun to watch live this year as I only saw the games on Facebook live last year.

Besties, I am literally counting down the days until the Sweet Magnolias premier of season two. If you have not watched this show, add to your binge list now. After watching twice I think my favorite adult is Helen and my favorite kid is Ty, but that is only if you made me pick my favorites, because every cast member in this is so Good. I would recommend that you watch episode one and then by episode two you will be hooked. I would give this more of a PG rating and it is way tamer that what the content looks like in the upper corner. 

I am also not embarrassed to admit that I am looking forward to the premier of the Real Housewives of NJ. 

What Else is New

I think I have covered everything. Don't forget to join Holly and me  tomorrow for Monthly Musings.


  1. I love our local neighbourhood Facebook group -- we've gotten some great items and hopefully we've been able to give away some great stuff too! And I'm soooo happy Monthly Musing is back this year -- I can't wait until tomorrow!!!

    1. Natasha, thank you for once again being part of out Monthly Musings squad. I always love reading your posts. See you tomorrow.


  2. LOVE all of the joy that hockey is bringing you- yeah! Love those candles too! I am also excited for the return of Sweet Magnolias :) "See" you tomorrow bestie!

  3. I can't wait for Sweet Magnolias to come out with season 2! I was so sad (years ago) when I had read the last book in the series as I had just loved it so much.


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