Monthly Musings December 2021: 2021 Wrap Up/New Year's


Hey there Besties, welcome to the final Monthly Musings of 2021. Holly and I have such fun with this link up and enjoy all of the writers that join us every monthly. These talented and smart writers bring a fresh take to our questions every time and we are so grateful to everyone that joins us as a writer and a reader.

I also want to take this moment to thank everyone that stops by Good Better Best every week. Recently, this site crossed a milestone that I am truly humbled by. This month, we crossed the 300,000+ mark for page reads. I never write for page reads and I never write for validation from other people. I always just write from my heart. Thank you to everyone who is part of the Good Better Best community whether you found us this year or have been here since the beginning. This site brings me true Joy and I am so glad you are here.

Now on to Monthly Musings. If you are linking up with us, please link up on topic. Also if you link, please try to visit at least three other writers and comment if you can. It's a wonderful way to build community.

1. Favorite moments of 2021?

Honestly, at times 2021 feels a lot like 2020. In 2021, we are just swapping the toilet paper shortage for a cream cheese shortage. I am not sure which one is worse. 

Here is a list of the highlights from 2021 that I do recognize:

-The moment when I got my vaccinations. I literally cried at shot #2 because I was so grateful.

-The days when Running Daddy and Hockey Guy were finally vaccinated.

-A return to Hilton Head Island, a place we love so. A new house with a saltwater pool that was just what we needed after a year with so many storms and rainbows. 

-A return to in person hockey. 

-The night when Hockey Guy scored the first and most importantly tying goal in his high school game and was named player of the game.

-How beautiful my Christmas decorations are this year.

2. Favorite vacations/trips of 2021?

We really only did one this year and that was to Hilton Head. It's our favorite place and I am so glad we were able to get there this year after a break in 2020.

3. Do you make New Year's resolutions? Do you want to share yours?

Typically I do make New Year's resolutions but the last two years I have been much more into a word for the year. I find that way more grounding and helpful.

4. Did you have a word/phrase for 2021? Do you have one for 2022?

My word for 2021 was "boundaries" and was really something that helped me through this year. I know in general we are supposed to be open and vulnerable, but there are a lot of us that need to put up guardrails around ourselves at time for self protection. You know what, that is totally OK too.

I am an enneagram three and one thing that I learned about threes this year is that they are the easiest to take advantage of because people know that they will always take care of things. That is why boundaries were and are so important to me in 2021. It was a Good word for me.  

As for my 2022 word, I will be doing a post on this next week so you will have to stay tuned. It took me a few days, but I do think that this is another Good word for the coming year.

5. Favorite fashion trend from 2021?

Quite honestly, I was happy to see the return to real pants in the fall. I felt like everything in the spring had a jogger bottom and that is not really an option for work. I do like some elevated athleisure when appropriate.

I also love that cranberry made a comeback for fall colors in fashion this year.

6. Favorite phase of 2021?

It came in late in the year, and I have not watched the series yet, but "And Just Like That" seems to be a Good phrase for 2021. 

7. Biggest surprise of 2021?

On a Good note, that the kids went back to school full time this fall and had things like homecoming, football games and as much normalcy as there could be in these times. 

On the flip side, who would have thought even six weeks ago that we would be in the middle of another COVID mess again this Christmas. That was not a Good surprise. 

8. Stay in or go out on New Year's Eve?

We totally are the stay in types. I usually make a nice dinner and we have some wine. We really try to stay off the roads on New Years.

9. Stay up until midnight or crash early?

Even in recent years, we have done both. This year and this week is so unpredictable, I have no idea if my eyes will be open at midnight.

10. New Year's Day-football, stay in bed, or binge n' chill?

 Our day will most likely be a day of football and the Winter Classic. Running Daddy and I met at a New Year's Day party 18 years ago so it is always a fun day for us.

While we are on the subject of New Year's, I saw this meme and it is just perfect. Please keep this in mind over the next few days.

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  1. I laughed out loud at the tp/cream cheese shortage statement- hysterical and I am with ya- don't know which is worse- ha! Thank you thank you for being the best blogging partner- so glad we found each other! Happy New Year Friend!

  2. I was luckily prepared for the TP shortage, the cream cheese...not so much. Can you imagine if we lived near each other? We could rule the world girl. Blessed to have you on this journey with me. Happy New Year.

  3. The cream cheese shortage - haha - I wasn’t prepared for that one, but luckily I found enough to make some good dips for Christmas. I agree that vaccines and the return to school and normal things felt so good! I haven’t quite embraced loving pants, but I’ll get there. Congratulations on 300,000!! Wow!! Thanks for hosting! Happy New Year!

  4. We haven't had a cream cheese shortage up in Canada so that made me laugh. I would be sad about that too. And yes, all the return to in person and the vaccines were definitely one of the BEST things about this year. And yes, the Omicron variant is definitely a nasty surprise :(

  5. I don't remember a cream cheese shortage; I think we really lucked out with very few food shortages in our area. I do remember not knowing from week to week what we'd find and have to do without though.


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