Monthly Musings: Holiday Preview


Thank you for joining Holly and me today for Monthly Musings. For this month's link up we are talking all things holiday. We are not trying to rush anything, we are talking holidays from Thanksgiving all the way through the end of the year. Whatever holidays you celebrate, my friend Holly and I want to hear about them. Link up with us, share in the comments, whatever, we want to know how you holiday.  'Tis the season.

1. Favorite holiday traditions?

When I was little, we used to go into Boston to the Enchanted Village every year. A few times here in Washington, DC we have been lucky enough to be able to go to the White House at Christmas. 

We also love a Good drive through light display. We need to look into those this year because a drive through light display is totally safe holiday fun.

2. Must have holiday wardrobe staples?

I love a Good pair of velvet pants or velvet jeans. Due to pandemic, I I will probably be wearing a pair of velvet jeans more often than velvet pants. I also love my ugly sweater leggings and all of my Hallmark Christmas shirts.

3. Favorite holiday recipe/dish?

My Best dish is my cornbread, sausage and chestnut dressing. you can make this gluten free or with regular cornbread. 

4. What will your holiday plans look like this year?

Hockey Guy and I have the day off the day before Thanksgiving. I am getting my hair done that day. Then we will pick up our dinner from the Mount Vernon Inn for Thursday. 

Thanksgiving will start with Running Daddy doing a socially distant 5K race and then we will have dinner, just the three of us. I am really looking forward to our dinner from the Inn and not really having to make anything. Running Daddy is going to pick up some Virginia wine and we are using the china, silver and crystal, even if I am the only one that appreciates our fancy dinnerware. 

Friday I will get up early, like leave the house at 5 am early, and do our Black Friday shopping. Nothing crazy, no big crowds, just up early and over at the outlets that are near our house. 

There is a possibility that Christmas will look similar to Thanksgiving. If that has to be the case, then I am ok with that to keep myself and people I love safe. In our house, we know that Christmas is not just about us, it is about something bigger. It is about the birth of Jesus and embracing what we have, not whining about what is "taken away" from us during the pandemic.  I know that Christmas is not cancelled, because you cannot cancel Jesus and His beauty. You cannot cancel Joy if it truly lives in your heart through Him.

5. Favorite holiday song?

There is no way I can choose just one. For church songs Joy to the World and Silent Night.

For fun music, It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year....Andy Williams version and A Christmas to Remember by Kenny and Dolly (no last names needed).

6. Does COVID-19 make you want to do up the holidays or make you not into it?

We are doing it up in the Good Better Best household.  

7. Do you have any charities you like help this time of year?

We like to help our local food bank and this year in November I will be giving 10% of my sales from my Stella & Dot site to which is a partnership with the Hallmark Channel that supports Toys for Tots and the USO. 

8. Tree before or after Thanksgiving?

I am an after Thanksgiving kind of gal, but I get people decorating now due to well...2020. While we always get a real tree, I did buy a new smaller artificial tree for the family room this year. I that that one will definitely go up right after Thanksgiving.

9. Favorite holiday movie?

Oh how do I choose just one? Ok I won't!

If you have been around this site even for a little bit you probably know that I am a hardcore Hallmarkie. I think Christmas in Vienna is Best so far this season. I am also a fan of A Christmas Love Story and Mistletoe Promise

We are really big fans of Christmas Vacation in our house and quote it pretty much on a daily basis 365 days a year. We even went to a Christmas Vacation themed birthday party last year. 

We also really enjoy Love Actually and for the record I do not think Die Hard is a Christmas movie!

10. Egg nog...yes or no?

I definitely fall into the no camp on this one. The taste is fine, it is just too heavy for me. I would so rather have a peppermint mocha (no whip, light on the syrup). 

That is what Holly and I have for you this month. Feel free to link up your own answers to these fun questions using the link up below.

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  1. Yes to velvet pants and jeans- totally agree- love the same songs as you and of course, it is all about Hallmark...I am SO JEALOUS that you have been able to be at the White those pics XO

  2. Mmm... a peppermint mocha! Christmas Vacation is the BEST, LOL! Can't wait to watch it again this year. Sounds like your holidays are going to be nice, Patty. Happy {early} Thanksgiving!

  3. I wasn't even thinking Kenny Rogers for songs- I love his Christmas in Kentucky! I too can and do quote Christmas Vacation year round.

  4. I so appreciate your great attitude about Christmas this year. I need a few kicks in the pants to not be so down about the holidays so thanks for adding to them! Also, we're getting to see Christmas in Vienna tonight and I am super excited about it!!!


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