Friday Favorites: Election Day Outfit, Good Raincoat, Time with My Ladies, and the Magic Wall


Hello Besties! I finally made it to the end of Election Week 2020! Whoo hoo. As of when I am writing this post we still don't know who the President will be, but what I do know from my years in this business is that elections and democracy is a sacred thing. I believe in the process and that the men and women counting every vote are working hard and we will end up with a fair election.

Now I am ready for some much needed downtime and I am linking up with up with ErikaAndreaNarci to share the things that have brought me Joy over the last few weeks

1) Election Day Outfit

While we have been trying to figure out how long we have been getting together on election day, my group of ladies and I have been getting together for lunch to laugh, make all kinds of predictions and tell stories for the last few weeks leading up to the election. We typically get together as a group every other month, but you know...COVID. We have spent every election day lunch together since at least 2012, and probably since 2010. We emailed and figured out that we could still try and spend election day together in a safe way. The Magnificent Seven needed to get together and do it safely. 

Wine Gal K said we could sit on her patio for lunch safely and I picked up lunch for us courtesy of the Other Layce as Running Daddy calls her. How blessed am I to have a friend named Layce and another one name Lacie...super blessed.

We told all kinds of political war stories from the last few weeks, laughed and cheered each other on. I also wanted dress up a little to see my ladies and had on an outfit I loved.

I love the burgundy puff sleeve pullover, you can find a similar version in black or pink , and my Candy Jewels necklace that I wore on Tuesday for lunch. Most of my makeup is from Ever and I have on the Holiday Color Quickie collection above. 

It felt so fun to have a reason to wear a fun outfit!

2) J Crew Factory Raincoat

***contains affiliate links 

I didn't have a true raincoat and really needed one, so I grabbed this raincoat from J Crew Factory when it was on sale a few weeks ago. It is currently on sale for $38 and it is a really Good coat. I have worn it almost every week since I purchased it. If you need a raincoat this is a Good option.

3) Time with my Ladies 

I talked about my time with my ladies on Election Day, but I also was blessed on Saturday to spend time with a different group of ladies. I have mentioned previously that Running Daddy helped to found a 5K race at our former school and that Good Better Best has been a sponsor of the race for many years.  

Since the race is all virtual this year, six of us got together on Saturday morning to run/walk the course. Running Daddy got up and marked the course for us, which was a Good thing because we were talking and almost got off course. The Best part of the day was that I ran in the last little bit of the race. For a person who has lived with Lupus for at least the last 11 years, the fact that I could run/walk this far is truly a miracle.

What made the morning even Better was that Running Daddy put together a little post race celebration for us with sweet treats and mimosas. I have on a crazy headband for Halloween!

We all needed to move our bodies on this chilly Halloween morning but we all needed to be together too. Masks, mimosas, walking and talking brought me so much Joy this past weekend.

4) CNN Magic Wall

I worked until late in the night Tuesday night and then was up early Wednesday morning working my lists and checking in on what races we had supported at work that were winning and losing.  I watch all the networks as I think it is Good to hear all analysis and information.

That being said I love CNN's Magic Wall and the way that John King explains the numbers. I know that all of the networks have something similar but I think CNN was the first network with such technology back in 2008.

I totally geek out on this stuff to the point where I wrote down on a post it the number of electoral votes in the states that are currently outstanding. I know...nerd alert.

A little side story, John King was really really nice to us in a local restaurant when Hockey Guy was a newborn, I mean a total bucketbaby in the car seat carrier. We were waiting for a table in a very crowded bar area and he came over to us and offered us his seat. No one else in the place did. We declined and he said if we changed our mind just to come over and let him know. 

I was going to add in one more thing, but I think I will just save it for next week. Honestly, I am super tired and ready to call it a night.  Oh and spend some more time watching the Magic Wall!

I hope you have the Best weekend and I will see you back here next week!


  1. I am geeking out right with you- wish I lived near you so we could together- election time is so exciting to your election lunch with your girls...have a wonderful weekend friend!

    1. It's so exciting isn't it. I totally count down the days workwise but it has been so fun to explain the process and the numbers to Hockey Guy. I also wrote down the electoral votes on a post it so that I would it in front of me late yesterday. Total nerd!

      Happy weekend beautiful friend!

  2. Now that sounds like a walk I could get into! Friends and mimosas? Yes, please.

  3. I love that shirt and the color looks great on you! I hope things will slow down for you a little now that the elections are over.


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