Friday Favorites: First Ironman with Downs Syndrome, J Crew Vest, Bachelorette Switch Up, White House Shelter Dog and Fall Chicken Bake


Happy Friday Besties! This has been a quiet and productive week and one that I am cherishing. As I do on most Fridays, I am linking up with up with ErikaAndreaNarci to share the things that have brought me Joy this week

1) First Ironman with Downs Syndrome

We saw this story leading up to Iron Man Florida on the news a couple of weeks ago and we have been following Chris Nikic every since. This past weekend, Chris Nikic became the first person with Downs Syndrome to complete an Iron Man. We know in our own household the type of dedication this takes because Running Daddy was training for his first Iron Man this year until it was cancelled this fall. Thanks COVID. 

If you want to feel Better about life, just start following Chris Nikic on Instagram. I love his spirit and his story brought a lot of Joy to our house. Chris' motto with his dad is 1% Better every day, he strives to be at least 1% Better at everything, every day. To learn more about Chris' story click here

2) J Crew Puffer Vest

Besties, I have had my eye on this puffer vest from J Crew Factory all fall. Every time it goes on sale it totally sells out. So this vest in navy has kind of been the one that got away, until Saturday night. I was able to find it in the outlets that were near Hockey Guy's game this weekend. 

I have a navy puffer vest similar to this one from Old Navy that I have probably had for over a decade that just needed to be replaced. I love a vest for errands as it keeps you warm without the bulk of a coat.

I was super excited when I found the vest I have been looking for in the J Crew outlet and even had them cut the tags off so I could wear it out of the store. This vest comes in navy, black and also a houndstooth which is currently totally on sale. 

3) The Bachelorette Switch Up

Is anyone else watching this madness? I mean so much crazy this season.

Our first lead Clare basically fell in love with Dale's Instagram feed when she was locked up in a scorching hot Palm Springs resort and blew up The Bachelorette. Like day three, or was it minute three, Clare thought she was in love with Dale. 

Dale, while being very handsome, is pretty much...just handsome and nothing else. Not really sure what he has to offer beyond his Good looks. Well, I guess he can support her with those modeling assignments from the Halloween collection at Party City. Not everyone can work a taco costume the way our man Dale did.

So now after a hot minute, these two love birds are engaged. Yup, even Neil Lane's face moved in shock when Chris Harrison called to tell him to bring the rings over on like day four. So since these two crazy kids are going to try to make a go of it, they needed to find a new Bachelorette.

That brings us to Tayshia. 

There are some new guys, some guys that held over and a guy that was still in love with Clare even though she took off with a taco model yesterday. That guy left, but he seemed like he may have anger issues any way.

Tayshia may be the most beautiful Bachelorette they have ever had. I just don't remember her having this much personality on Colton's season. I think this was a Good switch up because I am actually enjoying Tayshia or maybe I am just relieved that she is not Clare who is flat out exhausting. Good luck with that Dale. 

Are you watching? What are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments below.

4) The First Shelter Dog in the White House

Ok, we are so not going to talk about the election here, but no matter your vote choice at the ballot box, you have to admit that it is pretty cool that in January we will have the first shelter dog to ever live in the White House.

Major Biden is not the first rescue to live in the White House, President Lydon Johnson brought in a stray, but he is the first shelter dog to live in the White House. He was adopted by the Bidens as a puppy in 2018 after the litter of pups was exposed to chemicals. Good for you Major, and I thought Stormy had it Good now!

5) Already Better Chicken with Butternut Squash, Cranberries and Wild Rice

I posted this recipe yesterday and it is so Good. It takes a little prep work but you can easily assemble ahead and then heat up on a busy night. This dish is warm, full of fall flavor and filled with healthy Goodness

In my post from yesterday I even gave you a recommendation for a Good wine under $10 from Trader Joe's to pair with this dish.

That's all I have for you this week. I hope you have the Best weekend!


  1. I love puffer vests and that one is darling- very cool about the dog too! Have a great weekend friend :)

  2. I just bought my first puffer vest this spring through the North Face and I just love it.


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