Get Dressed Challenge Week 7

Welcome to week 7 of the Get Dressed Challenge. This has been a really fun and it is so Good to see so many ladies jumping in and doing something for themselves. It truly warms my heart to see these ladies embrace self care by getting dressed.

The Best part? We had a give away over the weekend and we have another one coming up this week.  More details on that below. 

Here is what I was wearing over the last week. 

This chilly spring has me reaching for my Vineyard Vines Shep shirt and cargos over and over again. It's a casual option for the Get Dressed Challenge but it makes me feel Good on certain days. 

Some days I struggle to get up too. Thursday was one of those days. Nothing really horrible, just some days when my Lupus is worse than others. I have mentioned before that I think Thursdays during the Safe at Home orders are the hardest days of the week in general. This Thursday I wore my Cabi skirted leggings, slip on trainers and a cute athleisure top. I also added a pineapple necklace that just makes me happy and looks Good with this top.

I am not anti leggings at all and when you need to wear some leggings, because that works for your day, then do it. This day I pulled together what felt Good for me, but still added a necklace that makes me happy. 

By Friday, I was ready to put on an outfit that makes me feel Good. Period. There is something about this outfit that gives me a total lift. It may be that the camo scarf is a bit out of my comfort zone but I love it. I am also wearing a lip crayon that I totally love that I have posted on this site about a billion times. This outfit says effortless to me. 

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Sunday was Mother's Day and while I got dressed for a Zoom Happy Hour and dinner, mostly I got dressed for myself. This is exactly what the Get Dressed Challenge is all about.

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On Monday, I totally shopped from my closet and even pulled out real dress pants with a cardigan and floral shell.

 Tuesday, it was sunny but the temperature was not matching the sun. I needed a little pink and some Lilly in my life. My Flash Rose' Gold lip gloss was perfect with this outfit.

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Give Away Update!

I am excited to tell you that my dear friend Donna won the Whiplash Mascara from Ever. 

Congrats Donna!

Guess what???? We have another Give Away this week. My sweet friend Kristine is a BeautyCounter consultant and she is donating a Give'em Lipstick in BeautyCounter Red. I am all about clean beauty and I am so excited to give another lady who participates in the Get Dressed Challenge the chance to try out BeautyCounter. Want to learn more about BeautyCounter, check in with Kristine here

Remember, everyone who has participated in the Get Dressed Challenge over the last 7 weeks either by tagging me in a photo or letting me know privately that you got dressed is eligible for the give aways. You all need to be celebrated and I am so excited to have another Give Away this weekend.

The Ladies!

Are you ready to see Week 7 ladies? These 11 ladies all decided to take a few moments for themselves in this uncertain time and they got dressed this week. This whole movement, and at this point it is a little bit of a movement, is not about something that you have to do. This is not about competition or the selfies. This movement is about trying to get a little bit of control over your day, add some structure and take a moment to feel beautiful. These ladies are running businesses, working at home, being moms, helping with distance learning at all levels and one of them is even bringing babies into this world. These ladies are the Best and they are so so beautiful.

Michelle S




Just a quick word about Stephanie. She is helping bring babies safely into this word and she is putting her own twist on the Get Dressed Challenge.





Five zoom calls this day she told me!



Michele N

Are you as inspired by these women as I am? Honestly, if you are struggling, if you are in a rut, if you are feeling a little anxious, come Get Dressed with us this week. It would really help and your cute clothes are begging to be worn.  You don't have to post a photo if you don't want, just message me through this page and let me know that you got dressed this week and how it made you feel. I hope it makes everyone feel Better

And keep an eye on my Facebook page for the winner of this weeks drawing from BeautyCounter! 

See you back here on Friday for my Friday Favorites.


  1. Love that pink sweater! I have totally gotten accustomed to comfy things. I could use a get dressed day. I will work on it!

  2. Trista, if you Get Dressed email me a photo or tag me on instagram and I will add you into my Get Dressed Challenge drawing.

  3. Gorgeous my friend- love your outfits and dying over that blue crossover top- looks beautiful AND comfy

  4. Holly,

    The blue crossover top is Old Navy! Comfy, pretty and so affordable. Just what we need right now. When are you joining us in the Get Dressed Challenge???



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