Get Dressed Challenge: Week 6 and a Give Away

Welcome to week six of the Get Dressed Challenge. I cannot believe it has been six weeks since I decided to get a little control over my day, add in some normalcy into my week and got dressed.  The Best part? The Best part is all the beautiful women who jumped in and got dressed with me.

To celebrate all of the beautiful women who got dressed over the last six weeks, I have a very fun give away later in the post.

There was a day or so along the way where I didn't really want to get dressed this week but to combat that, I just grabbed something fun and that brings me Joy.

Some days I just need a Lilly pullover. This was one of these days. I love this print and have a summer sleeveless top in the same print. 

I knew we were going to get some rain later this week so I took this day to pop outside and snap a quick photo. Honestly, my lilac bush behind me has never looked Better

What I love about this scarf from Stella & Dot is that it is totally effortless. All I have on are my favorite jeans in light rinse, a white tee and popped on this scarf and I am totally pulled together. Ready for something fun? Stella and Dot reached out to me and they are now using this photo on their website. 

Thursdays, Thursdays seems to be the toughest days of the week for some reason. It was super rainy last week and I didn't really want to get dressed, so I kind of only sort of got dressed. I grabbed my trusty cargo pants in light grey and a favorite Simply Southern tee.

By Friday, I was ready for the weekend and a fun outfit. I knew the weather was about to get Better, so I pulled out my classic Lilly pants and was ready to finish the week strong.

Monday, I was ready to start the week strong. My cute clothes are begging to be worn and I was so happy to pull out this Lilly top paired with white jeans. My lilac bush continues to be there for me for these outdoor shots too.

By Tuesday, I needed a little fun and I went for the Lilly flamingos again.  This zip up just makes me happy.

Give Away Alert!

I had to add this in. My sister sent this to me and it was just too cute. 

Ok, are you ready? I was so proud of all of the ladies who joined in the Get Dressed Challenge over the last six week that I wanted to do a little give away. I did my first Facebook live the other night and announced for every woman who contacted me with a photo or a note in the Get Dressed Challenge over the last six weeks, I was going to add in their name for a change to win a Whiplash mascara by Ever.  Ever is a clean beauty line from the Stella & Dot family of brands. You have that right, there is nothing else to do. You are already entered if you sent me a photo or a private note that you got dressed over the last few weeks! 

I will pull the winner this weekend on Facebook live and then post the winner on this site next week too.

The Ladies!

Here is the Best part of the week for me! Showing you the beautiful ladies who took a moment for themselves, decided to control what they could control (like what zip up or earrings to wear) and got dressed. There are 12 ladies this week. All the ladies every week who have jumped in are so dynamic and working and serving their community in all kinds of ways. Hopefully I haven't miss anyone this week, I am working to get Better at saving the photos to my drive right away.


Zoom and work ready!

Kelli N

Kelli and I were on a zoom, so I took a photo of her while we zoomed!


Stephanie is putting her own twist on the Get Dressed Challenge wearing Sesame Street and Dr Seuss with her PPE and scrubbs.


Kristine looks totally pulled together...and I will give you a little hint. She will also have a fun give away for us soon!

Michelle L

I have known Michelle since 6th grade. After watching my Facebook live, she jumped into the Get Dressed Challenge.


Jacqueline jumped in too and gave us two cute looks!

Jennifer S.

Jennifer showed us both cute and comfortable this week.


Shannon has been in the Get Dressed Challenge every week! Thanks for sharing your Get Dressed journey.


Rachel brings her California chic every week to the Get Dressed Challenge.


Kieran who is one of my favorite medical professional friends also put her twist on the Get Dressed Challenge and added a cute cardigan while she provided great patient care/



My sister Franny joined us this week to show the Lilly mask I sent her. Safe and stylish at home.


Susanne is looking sunny during safe at home orders.

Sending socially distant but genuine hugs to all of the ladies that joined us this week.

I am going to pull the winner of the Whiplash mascara on Saturday night. I may even do a Facebook live again. I will announce it on my Facebook page and on Instagram. If you are not following me on social you can do so at the links to the right.


  1. Love your Lilly Patty....lookin great! You are inspiring me....need to do this....maybe next weekk? :)

  2. Holly--you look so beautiful every day! Jump in and join us.


  3. This is awesome! I love the peachy, coral and pink colors on you.

    1. Thanks Andrea! You should join us this week. I am going to have some more fun give aways!


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