Monthly Musings - Summer Food

Hey Besties! Hard to believe it is the end of May. While it seemed like April was the longest month, May seems to be cooking along. Today I am linking up with Holly  for our monthly link up and in May, we are talking summer food. Let's get to our list of questions.

1. Favorite Summer Dish

It has to be a tie between lobster and tomato mozzarella salad. I personally could eat both every day. 

2. Favorite Cookout Side Dishes

I love steamed corn on the cob and we actually eat it as a separate course at the end of the meal. I have no idea why we do this but "corn course" is something I grew up doing and still do to this day.

As I mentioned above I love tomato mozzarella salad and is one thing I typically bring to any party. It is always a crowd pleaser and I always know that I can eat something at the party, being gluten free, if I bring this with me.

I also love a Good potato salad but olive oil based instead of mayonnaise based. It is a little more sophisticated and unexpected. I used to have a recipe that was olive oil and blue cheese but for the life of me I cannot remember what cookbook it is in.

3. Eating al Fresco-Yes or No?

Personally I could eat outside almost every night but it really depends on Running Daddy and Hockey Guy. They don't love to eat outside when it is hot out.  We did dine outside this weekend and it was lovely.

4. What Foods Do You Eat in the Summer More?

I eat a lot more fruit in the summer because there are so many Good options. I find it easier to snack on fruit in the summer because of the options from the farmers markets.

5. Share Your Favorite Summer Recipe

It's not necessarily a recipe, but Wine Gal K is from Missouri and she taught me how to make ribs. I only use two seasonings. I have used Bone Suckin' Sauce dry rub for years and it is my go to seasoning. We did pick up some Rendezvous seasoning when we were in Memphis and that is a really Good option too. 

Basically, I put the dry rub on at least 24 hours before I am going to cook the ribs. I just let it sit in the refrigerator and absorb all of the spices.  

Here is the part that Wine Gal K taught me, you cook them in the oven "3 for 3". A 300 degree oven for 3 hours and then just finish them on the grill to crisp. They come out so tender cooked this way.

6. Blueberry pie or Strawberry Shortcake?

Since I am gluten free, I really have not had either in a very long time. When I could eat these type of things I would probably pick strawberry shortcake.

7. Favorite Summer Beverage?

I typically drink white wine any time of the year, but the Beach Club in Sea Pines (Hilton Head) makes a really Good skinny pina colada. A few weeks back I figured out a way to semi duplicate it. 

For Running Daddy, his favorite summer cocktail is a Dark n' Stormy.  He likes it so much we named our dog after the Dark n' Stormy.

8. Ketchup? Mustard? Relish? Mayo?

It depends what I am eating. Ketchup on a hot dog or fries. On a burger I do prefer mayo. but I really like avocado on my burger the Best

9. Gas Grill? Charcoal? Big Green Egg?

We are a gas grill all the way and use it all the time. We are also completely intruged by a Big Green Egg but have not made the investment yet.

10. Popsicle or Ice Cream?

Ice cream all the way. I love a classic chocolate chip, which is what I currently have in the house. My favorite ice cream is black raspberry with chocolate jimmies--which is really hard to find in Virginia.

We hope you had fun with our musings this month.  Feel free to linkup with us and if you have time, try to visit as many of the other bloggers and comment if you have time.

I'll see you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites
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  1. I love the combo of raspberry and chocolate! My favorite ice cream is called Maine black bear (it's vanilla ice cream with raspberry swirls and raspberry filled chocolate pieces).. but it's so hard to find around here!

    1. Maine black bear? That sounds amazing. I think in New England raspberry ice cream is kind of standard--as it should be.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing this yummy flavor. I will now be on the lookout!

  2. Patty I am dying right now- my family always had corn on the cob at the end of meals too- it must be an Italian thing!! Hysterical :) Thanks for being the best blogging partner XO

    1. Holly--Running Daddy and I are totally laughing! Do you also put it on a separate clean plate? Because we do. We are wondering if "corn course" is a New England thing.

      Right back at your on being the Best blogging partner. We have such fun.

  3. I do love the farmers market too and hope to visit ours this weekend. That is so interesting about the corn at the end of the meal. I love learning new things :).

  4. Lobster made my top summer dish too! I love avocado on just about any/everything haha. I also love how different regions call the particular ice cream topping something different- here in NJ we them all sprinkles! Thanks for hosting!


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