Friday Favorites: The Best Thing I Ever Ate...Gluten Free

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Happy 4th of July Besties! I hope your day yesterday was filled with fun, friends and pride in our country. We had a very unexpected fun day at our pool and then a night with friends. It's Friday so I am linking up with ErikaAndreaNarci to chat about the things that are bringing me Joy this week. This week there is only one Friday Favorite. It was so Good, it deserves it's own post. Today's Friday Favorite is the Best thing I ever ate.  

We are a donut family. We like Dunkin Donuts, we like Krispy Kreme donuts and we like specialty donuts. I don't think we have ever met a donut we didn't like, We go for donuts all the time after hockey. The problem is because I am gluten free, I have not had a donut in over nine years. Nine Years...that is not an exaggeration. 

Running Daddy and Hockey Guy believe that Sandy Pony Donuts are the Best they have every had. We often go there after hockey games when we are in the area but this place isn't really around the corner from our house. It's about 50 miles away in Annapolis, MD. That's 50 miles each way. 

Last year Hockey Guy and Running Daddy started making road trips to Sandy Pony on special holidays such as the 4th of July. I even set them up with my thermal casserole carrier so that they could keep them hot on the ride home. This morning they set off early for donuts and got back late morning. I was about to head off to the pool to drop off our stuff and claim loungers and a table...Hunger Games style. Hockey Guy stopped me before I could leave the house and told me I needed to sit down and close my eyes. He then presented me with this...

That my friends is a Porky Pony donut (cinnamon glaze with bacon) but it's gluten free! I literally cried. The boys think that the Porky Pony donut is the Best donut they have ever eaten. They talk about them all the time...they drive 50 miles each way several times a year to get them, and for the first time ever, I got to have one too.

It was definitely the Best thing I have ever eaten that was gluten free and one of the Best things I have ever eaten...period! The vanilla cake donut wasn't dry. The cinnamon sugar glaze is sweet without being too sweet and the saltiness of the bacon is a really Good balance. 

For those of you that may be new here and wondering why I would write an entire post about one donut, I struggle with my health every day. Part of managing my health challenges is that a gluten free diet makes my fatigue and pain so much Better. I never eat gluten, like never! So the fact that I could finally experience something that Running Daddy and Hockey Guy love so much just made today so much Better. It was pure Joy to be able to eat something so amazing and know I wouldn't feel terrible after eating it.

I can now say that Sandy Pony donuts really are the Best. If you are in Annapolis, Bethany Beach, Chincoteague or Deale, you should check them out.

Ok, tell me about the Best thing you ever ate in the comments below. Hope you all had a Good 4th of July. 


  1. Wow! That sounds delish Patty- hope you had a wonderful 4th! XO

  2. That donut sounds delicious! I found a company (SUPERSEED Life) online a couple of years ago that makes gluten free, vegan free, etc donuts, cookies, flour, pizza crust and now a smoothie mix in. Their flour is made up of 7 seeds so they are very unique. Anyway, I eat them as a tasty, "better" choice and not because I have no other choice. However, if that wasn't the case I'd be so happy to make them main supply of goodies. Anyway, I hope you had a great 4th of July and thank you for linking up with Red, White, Blue and YOU!


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