A Hallmark Channel's Super Fan Guide to Christmas in July Part One

If you have been around this site for even a half a minute you probably know that I am a Hallmark Channel super fan. Not in the "I love the Christmas movies" way, I watch the Hallmark Channel all year long. I have also been watching the Hallmark Channel for about seven years...way before it was the pop phenomenon it is today. This spring I was even a guest on The Bubbly Sesh which is the official podcast of the Hallmark Channel! Today, I have for you of my first installment of the Hallmark Channel's Super Fan Guide to Christmas in July!

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries has already kicked off their Christmas in July Gold Crown Christmas and it will run until July 15th with the last movie at 5:00 am. Hallmark Channel's Christmas in July Christmas Keepsake starts on July 12th and runs until July 28th. Do you know what that means? Almost an entire month of Christmas movies...in July! Thank you Hallmark!

I decided to break this post up into two parts so that I can provide the Best of both channels, Hallmark Channel and Movies & Mysteries, along with commentary on my favorites with my Best list.  I think I need to make Hallmark & Frose' a thing for Christmas and July! Hallmarkies...clear out your DVR and you are welcome.

Best of Christmas in July Gold Crown Christmas on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries line up. You can find the full schedule here.

A Heavenly Christmas

Hallmark Hall of Fame, the jewel in the crown of Hallmark Channel. This gem stars Kristin Davis, Eric McCormack and Shirley McLaine. This movies makes me tear up in the same places every time I watch it and I have probably watched it 15 times since it premiered in 2016. I am not joking. It is truly delightful.

Once Upon a Christmas Miracle

This movie, based on a true story, premiered on Movies & Mysteries last Christmas and this is when I knew that the writing on Hallmark was kicking things up a notch. Big time. This is a totally beautiful story and makes me cry. I set my DVR last weekend so I could watch this one again and I am hoping to catching up on this over the weekend. Check this one out...trust me and break out your tissues. It was one of my Best of 2018.

A Veteran's Christmas

This movie premiered very early on in the season last year, around Veteran's Day and it was Hockey Guy's Best pick on Movies & Mysteries. Female veteran's, military dogs and Christmas...you totally have our family.

The Christmas Ornament

The Christmas Ornament

This sweet, sweet movie goes back to my early days of Hallmark watching and premiered in 2013. It always brings me Joy and as I have mentioned in the past, I think that Running Daddy looks a little like Hallmark Hunk Cameron Mathison. This movie makes my heart full.

A Godwink Chrismas

A Godwink Christmas was probably my number one movie on both channels in 2018. It is absolutely beautiful. I love the story and the fact that it is set in Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard just makes it even Better. You can feel the warmth of the characters come through the screen. I aways used to not like Kathie Lee Gifford, but now I totally think that if she lived in my neighborhood we would totally be hanging out at a table together drinking wine at every party. The older I get, the more I get her. This movie also makes me want to check out the Godwink series of books. Set your DVR for this one. 

Christmas Camp--Premiering July 2019

I cannot wait to watch this movie that is premiering on July 11.  I mean who wouldn't want to go to Christmas Camp??? That sounds like pure Joy and my absolute dream assignment!

Listen, there are so many Good movies on for Christmas in July that asking me which are my favorites is a little like asking me which puppy in the litter I think is the cutest! I love them all. I just wanted to take a quick moment to tell you which ones I think are must sees if you have not checked them out before.

Next week I will review the Christmas Keepsake Movies on the Hallmark Channel which begin on July 12th at 2pm.

Ok Hallmarkies, now is your chance to tell us in the comments what you think are the Best movies that we need to check out for Gold Crown Christmas in July on Movies & Mysteries. Give us your must sees!

Happy Christmas in July!

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