A Hallmark Channel Super Fan Guide to Christmas in July Part Two

Hallmark Channel's Christmas in July continues. Yeeees! The past two weeks we have been treated to Christmas in July Gold Crown Christmas on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Starting Friday, we roll right into Hallmark Channel Christmas in July Christmas Keepsake week. What does that mean? The Christmas movies continue on the Hallmark Channel with all of the holiday romcom fun! Last week,  I brought you my Hallmark Channel's super fan guide for Movies & Mysteries Gold Crown Christmas and this week I will have you all set for when the Hallmark Channel kicks off on Friday for Christmas in July Christmas Keepsake.

As I have mentioned in other posts, Running Daddy and I get up early every day and drink coffee together. I truly love it when these movies are running all day and night and we get to get up and catch a bit of one of these over coffee.  It also makes me giggle a little bit when Running Daddy gets up earlier than me and he is drinking coffee alone, doing some work and has the Hallmark Channel on before I get up.

Ready for my Best picks for Christmas in July? These are in no particular order, just basically as I saw them on the schedule. Here is the schedule and let's get ready for some Summer Santa fun!

Mingle All the Way

Hallmark is kicking it off strong with one of my favorites on Friday, Mingle All the Way. One of my favorite Hallstars Jen Lilley stars as an app designer in this super cute movie. It was one of the Best of 2018. Side note, when I was live tweeting on Saturday night for Love Unleashed, Jen Lilley was totally retweeting my tweets and interacting with me. She is so cool.

Let It Snow

Let is Snow is one of my all time Best of Hallmark. It is one that I will watch every time it is on. It has the sweetest message and is a favorite of Hockey Guy too. There is a scene towards the end when Stephanie played by Candace Cameron Bure is working on a big report. A few years ago I had a very similar premise for a report and it always makes me think of this time when I watch this movie. If you have not seen this one...make sure you do in July.

Christmas Joy

How could I not love a movie called Christmas Joy? This was an early favorite of mine in 2018 as it premiered early in the season. Visually it is beautiful and has a cookie crawl scene...I want to go to a cookie crawl.

The Nine Lives of Christmas

The Nine Lives of Christmas is another classic that goes back to my early days of watching Hallmark in 2014. This movie is very funny as Kimberly Sustad has not only great comic timing but there are also scenes when she totally makes me tear up. Her character Marilee bonds over animal loving with adorable fireman Zachary despite his down right evil girlfriend. Don't overlook this one if see if come up over the next few weeks.

A Cookie Cutter Christmas

Yet another strong showing from 2014, Erin Krakow, everyone's favorite, stars as Miss Reynolds a lovely teacher who has a childhood rivalry with another teacher at school. Something that seems a little out of character for her, but makes her more real. There is a little bit of jealousy with the other teacher when Hallmark Hunk single dad played by David Hayhn-Jones comes to town resulting in a cookie bake off. I always watch this one when it is on too.

A Boyfriend for Christmas

I am not sure if this was originally a Hallmark movie, but it is on Hallmark every season now. This one is totally old school going back to 2004. I am going to be honestly with you...we kinda make fun of this movie in the Good Better Best household. Not really about the movie, mostly about the name. As Running Daddy says, this isn't a bad movie, the name just makes it sound a little lame. That being said... we will see that it is on and one of us will exclaim "Guess what's on???? A Boyfriend for Christmas!". 

Christmas Incorporated

Christmas Incorporated is a delightful movie about trying to save a toy factory that supports a small town economy. There is a little resume mistaken identity and a lot of chemistry between Riley and William. I fund Steve Lund who plays William is very, very funny. 

Mistletoe Promise

Mistletoe Promise is in my top five Hallmark movies of all time. It is an absolutely beautiful movie and so well acted by Jaime Presley and Luke Macfarlane. Over the last year a friend of mine was going through a hard time, and I told her to watch this movie. It is filled with hope and beautiful lines like "being a Good person is always the right idea." I seriously cry in the same spots every time I watch this movie. The Best part...Elise's wardrobe. She wears a white satin coat with black beading towards the end that I totally want. 

A Royal Christmas

This is is another Good movie from 2014 that is one of Hockey Guy's Best picks. We love Lacey Chabert in our house and Jane Seymour is the perfect queen. 

Christmas at Graceland

Across the board I would say that Christmas at Graceland was all three of us favorite from 2018. The setting and the story is so fun and the music is the Best. This movie totally makes me want to go to Graceland at Christmas time, which is probably the point.

A Family for Christmas

While I don't see it on the schedule for July, I do need to call your attention to A Family for Christmas so you can put it on your watch list for later in the year. Lacey Chabert is Running Daddy's Hallmark girlfriend and this is probably his favorite movie she is in.

That's a Christmas in July wrap. Feel free to weigh in on your favorite Hallmark Christmas movies in the comments below. 

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  1. A Family For Christmas, Cookie Cutter Christmas and Nine Lives Of Christmas are three of my top faves! This post made me giddy- wait- isn't it beach and sun time???? ha ha!! ;)


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