Friday Favorites: Summer Pool Bests

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Oh Friday! I so need you. This was such a big week at work for me and I am so happy that the weekend is here. Today I am talking all things poolside and linking up with ErikaAndreaNarci to chat about the things that I totally need to have the Best time at the pool. 

1) Good Sunscreen

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I have really been trying to clean up my beauty game and use products that are Better for me. Last year I discovered the Sun Bum line and I think it is really Good. Most of it is mineral based and helps me from getting too much sun.  I really like the feel of the products and they smell like bananas. The smell can be a really fun way to get kids to reapply! The tinted sunscreen is a Good way to add a little color while out running errands and it does not make me break out or itch. Always a plus! The lip sunscreen keeps my lips from burning and peeling. Loving the key lime. Yum! We have been spot treating with the mineral stick and I am totally going to make Hockey Guy add in the clear zinc on his cheeks when we go to the beach this year. I love products that are fun and work!

2) Good Sandals

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I have struggled with plantar faciitis off and on for a few years now. I was in a Good place with it for a while, but lately I seem to have it in my left foot, where it was in my right a couple of years ago. Since I busted up my ankle eight weeks ago, I haven't really been focused on my pain in my heel, I have been working hard getting my ankle Better

After trying a lot of different supportive sandals that were recommended to me, I really think the Best ones for me are made by Oka-B. They may not look like they would be super supportive but they totally are. They are very flexible, have really Good support and the Best part...they are cute. Oh and they are made in the USA, are recyclable and are a woman led company!

When my feet are really bothering me, I try to keep the slides on all the time. The ones in the photo above I actually bought in Hilton Head last year on sale as they were really Good for bike riding because they have an ankle strap. You can also completely wash the sand off of them and they dry lightening fast. Here is a similar pair to the ones above. 

3) Cute Bathing Suit

At this stage in my life, it can be a little hard to find the right bathing suit. It's hard to find something that isn't dowdy but that isn't so skimpy that you look totally ridiculous. I mean if you can rock a string bikini with confidence...go for it. It's just not me.

I have found that Athleta swimsuits really fit the bill. They are cute and enhance my figure without looking dowdy or like I am trying too hard. I really need a tankini instead of a one piece because while I am not that tall, I seem to have a long torso and a one piece just don't fit well.

I picked up this cute Athleta top and bottom  a few weeks ago and they are both still on sale. They are a really Good fit and don't ride up when you are being active.

                                            Top                                                          Bottom
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4) Best Sunglasses at a Good price point

Pink Gold bifocals
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I am really picky about my sunglasses. I don't like super cheap sunglasses because I don't think they last or have enough eye protection. On the other hand, I also won't mortgage our house to get a pair of fancy designer ones either. I am so afraid I will lose them or just get sick of them. I really like these Peepers Heat Wave Aviators. At only $25 they are super affordable and the shape of these don't make me look like a bug, which is challenge for me with aviators because I have a small, narrow face. I bought these last year in the pink gold, of course, and chose the bifocal option which is a regular sunglass at the top with a little bit of a reader at the bottom. 

5) Corkcicles  

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We can actually have alcohol at our pool in the park area, not in the pool area. My mother in law bought me both the corkcicle bottle and the wine tumbler. The really Good thing about the tumbler is that it comes with a lid, which at the pool is very helpful.  No bugs in my wine please! I have also used the bottle to keep beverages hot too in the cooler months.

Ok that's it for the week. What are your pool must haves?  Feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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  1. Love all of your choices Patty- haven't heard of that skin line-will def check out- love your swimsuit and sandals- hope you have a weekend full of sun, swim and fun! XO


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