Friday Favorites: More Summer Hair, Christmas in July, Trader Joe's Find and What I Really Think of The Bachelorette Final Four

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Wow! What a week! Things have been buzzing at work as my big project is in full swing. Hockey Guy has been at sleep away hockey camp and he comes back today to tell us in full detail of his time there. It's Friday and linking up with ErikaAndreaNarci to chat about the things that are bringing me Joy this week.

1) Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

I still just continue to struggle with my hair some, especially this time of year. I need a little help keeping it straight but also want something that will not weigh it down. I have been using straight Moroccan Oil about twice a week on my hair for about 18 months now. 

It has been a Good option but I think I need a little more. I have always thought that using this more than twice a week might weigh my hair down. I decided to try the Moroccan Oil Extra Volume shampoo and conditioner a couple of weeks ago and I think it has been a Good option for my hair. It is keeping it smooth in this crazy humidity and also makes it dry faster. It is also giving my hair a lot of volume. We shall see how this does long term.

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2) Hallmark Christmas in July

christmas tree GIF by Hallmark Channel

This is pretty much how I feel about Hallmark Channel Count Down to Christmas Christmas in July. After two weeks of holiday movies on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Hallmark kicked off Christmas in July last Friday night for two more weeks. 

One of the things I love about having the Hallmark movies on 24/7 is that Running Daddy and I get up early every morning and drink coffee. I love flipping over to Hallmark while I drink coffee to see what movie is on in the 5 o'clock hour. It is usually something that I really like and it is such a comforting way to start the day. If you need some Good recommendations for all the Hallmark movies on over the next couple of weeks, my guide is here

3) Trader Joe's Balsamic Glaze

Trader Joes Trader Giottos Balsamic Glaze

I feel like I am a really Good Trader Joe's shopper. I know what I like, I know what is Good and I can get in and out of there pretty quickly. So how in the world have I been missing this balsamic glaze? This $3 product can literally turn your easy dinner into this vision of beauty:

This was our dinner on Sunday night. It was so easy and just so beautiful. I cannot wait to try this glaze on things like grilled chicken. 

4) The Bachelorette

Episode 9 Mind Blown GIF by The Bachelorette

Oh my...this season of The Bachelorette! I was worried this season may be boring, but I was wrong. There is just so much to talk about here. I cannot decide if I actually like Hannah as a lead or not but she really has been entertaining. In the final group of four I truly think that she only has one Good guy in that group and that is Tyler. I am not convinced that Tyler is the brightest bulb, but who cares...he seems to have a job and she can find someone to hire to do their taxes. 

Episode 7 Tyler GIF by The Bachelorette

The jury is still out for me with Peter. He might be a Good guy...but I do have a little red flag up with him too. Just not sure.

I am going to say this and I think we probably all agree.  Luke P is the worst. Not just about what he did on Monday night, but holy smokes that guy cannot read a room. 

Episode 7 Luke P GIF by The Bachelorette

I am all about keeping with one's religious beliefs but Luke buddy, if you have those strong religious beliefs why in the world did you go on this show? It's not like the plot is a big mystery after 37 seasons. And Luke, throwing lunch meat on someone is never acceptable.

episode 7 luke p GIF by The Bachelorette

And now Jed...his jerk flower really did seem to bloom after he went back home! The way he treats Hannah in Greece is just unacceptable. He seems to have the stink face the entire time he is there. Yup, I know the spoilers but even before that I think he is a total jerk in Greece and that he seems like he doesn't want to be there. It's like Hannah ruined his little plan of making top four to become the next Bachelor by actually liking him. Now might actually have to be a couple with her. Oh and Jed, I hate to break it to you can't sing. Not even a lick. Yet that stupid "I wanna be your Mr. Right....girl" song keeps running through my head. And that's enough to really not like you.

episode 8 abc GIF by The Bachelorette

5) Southern Charm

I am not going to lie, I was a little worried for a few weeks that Southern Charm might not be Good this season. Running Daddy and I were so excited for its' return but were a little disappointed as the season developed. It is starting to get really Good again and not just because Ashley came back for an episode. 

season 6 premiere GIF by Bravo TV

After coming in way hot, I don't even mind Eliza Limehouse and am sort of curious about her. I might want her to stay on the show, maybe not as a main but they can keep her around.

That's all I have for this week.  Are any of your watching The Bachelorette? Thoughts? Feel free to leave them in the comments.


  1. Those Moroccan hair products at just the best! I love a good balsamic glaze on a summer tomato salad. Have the best weekend my beautiful friend!

  2. I love summer but this weather does a number on my hair too- Oribe products are really great- they have a humidity spray as well as an oil like the Moroccan one AND I love the way their products smell! That dinner WAS beautiful- have a great weekend my friend XO

  3. I think I bought the Balsamic Glaze a long time ago, but I'm going to have to get another bottle. I had to speed scroll through the Bachelorette portion, because I haven't seen last weeks yet. LOL...dying to find out what happened.

  4. I have thick wavy hair. The humidity in the summer does me no favors when it comes to my hair. I have been using products from Hack and also Living Proof and when I can find them the Moroccan Oil products. I do not use them all at once it depends upon the weather. Today for instance it is supposed to be 99 and heat index of 115. Oh yea. But I know in January when there is snow and it is cold people will be complaining.


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