Workin' It Wednesday: Making Your House Cozy

Today I am linking up with Shay & Erika for their Workin' It series. October's topic is "Making Your House Cozy." I am going to do my Best here, because it is currently in the 70's and 80's ...and it shouldn't be this time of year. So as I write this post I will pretend that the air is crisp and that it doesn't feel like you are standing inside someone's mouth currently outside. Seriously, it is so gross out.

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Flannel Sheets

We love flannel sheets in our house. I think it is the New Englander in me, but as soon as it is semi cool out I try to get our flannel sheets on the beds. 

Heated Mattress Pad

Do you have one of these? If you don't and live anywhere it remotely gets cold at night, you should pick one of these up. It's like an electric blanket that you lie on. The one I have gets warmer down near your feet. Seriously, these are so Good. You can pre-heat your bed and then slip into yummy warmth. I also find the heated mattress pad really helpful when my lupus is acting up. It's like falling asleep on a big heating pad. Ahhhh.

Cozy Pajamas

Just like with sheets, as soon as it gets a little cool out, I pull out the cozy pajamas and lounge wear. Sometimes I put on a tank with my flannel pajamas so that I don't get too warm when sleeping and just use the top as a layering piece.



We are lucky to have three fireplaces in our house. There is one in the living room, one in the porch that is more like a gas stove and one in the family room. Every fall we make sure to have regular maintenance done on our gas fireplaces to ensure they are in Good working order.

Once we have the maintenance complete, I cannot wait to use our fireplace in the family room. It's one of the Best transformations in our home renovation. I am still working on all of the finishing touches in this room, but here is a sneak peak.



Food and Drink

Hot Drinks

When you get up in the dark to head to hockey, and then sit in a freezing cold rink, sometimes you need a hot drink when you get home . This time a year I do like a little flavored coffee, but I try to mix it with a regular roast so that it is not tooooo flavored.

We also love hot cider in our house. It is such a Good treat after a game for Hockey Guy and when I was sick last year, I may or may not have added some rum to mine before bed to help me sleep and relieve my cough.


Here are some of my Best cozy food recipes. Many of these  go back to the beginning of this blog. While some of the photography was not that Good back then, I promise you that these are some of my Best recipes.

Crockpot apple sauce: So easy and so yummy. Recipe here.

Butternut squash soup: Hands down still one of my Best recipes. Adding pear instead of apple makes the flavor Better. Check it out here.

Chicken White Chili: I think white chicken chili is my favorite type of chili. It's lighter and the baked in flavors make this recipe Better. Want to try chicken white chili, try this recipe.

Apple Shallot Turkey Burgers: I make this for Running Daddy a lot when has a fall marathon. Turkey burgers can be bland but this recipe is light and savors the flavors of fall. Find it here.

So that's how I am making our house cozy and trying to will fall to be here. To learn how I am transitioning my wardrobe for fall, check out this post from last month.

What are your tips for getting your house ready for fall? Leave them in the comments below.


  1. I am going to have to get a heated mattress pad!! I've never heard of them. My daughter has juvenile arthritis and this would perfect for her. Thanks for sharing!

    1. So glad that was helpful Jaclyn. I hope it helps her. You can get them online or Target sells them. I would recommend one that has the auto shut off for kids.

  2. You know what? I had flannel sheets years ago and loved them- thank you for reminding me- we will definitely be investing in some this winter- they are the coziest!

    1. You totally need a new set. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

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