Popped and Paired Fall Snack and Cocktail Pairings Featuring SkinnyPop

Original  (4.4 oz. Bag)
SkinnyPop has been one of my go to snacks for the last several years. It is a treat I reach for when I need a work snack, a travel snack or I know when I am going to be in a place, like a track meet, for several hours where there may not be gluten free options. It's light, yummy, non-GMO and gluten free...what could be Better than that? 

SkinnyPop created several fall cocktail recipes and then paired them with their flavored popcorn for their Popped and Paired series. What I love about this concept is that this is the Best easy entertaining tip. In addition, because SkinnyPop is so light on the calories, you can easily spurge on cocktails and balance things out with your snack without feeling guilty.

All of these recipes on the chart look so Good, but I decided to first try the Apple Cider Moscow Mule with the Original Flavor Popcorn.

This was an easy pairing for me to do, because basically we have these ingredients in the house at all times. I pretty much always have a bag of the Original SkinnyPop on hand and this time of year I love a hard cider. Ginger beer...yes Running Daddy is a fan. The subtle saltiness of the SkinnyPop paired nicely with the apple and ginger tones of this twist on a Moscow Mule. It was a really Good treat after a long drive back from New York this weekend to sip and snack on as I was making dinner.

The Popped and Paired chart can really come in handy this season as you get together with friends for movie nights or an impromptu gathering around the fire pit. I think one could easily make the sangria in the chart into a mocktail by just adding sparkling grape juice instead of the wine. You will be the hit of the neighborhood with these fall Popped and Paired delights from SkinnyPop.

Hope you are having the Best fall!


  1. How fun--Skinny Pop and drinks! I love apple cider mules so I'll have to try with some popcorn.

    1. So so Good! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!


  2. Just discovered these pairings too and love them!


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