The Blended Blog Asks: Fall Theme

Today I am linking up with the Blended Blog for The Blended Blog Asks -- a Good way to start a Monday. Let's jump into these Fall Theme questions.

1) Favorite Fall Sweet Treat?

Gluten free pumpkin roll from this amazing gluten free bakery near my house. It's the Best.

2) Red, Yellow, or Green Apples?

Red--McIntosh to be exact. They taste like fall.

3) Favorite Fall Sport to Play?

I don't really play any sports, but I watch a lot of youth hockey which has already started.

4) Best Drink for Fall?

Hard cider or warm apple cider (with or without rum!)

5) Favorite Fall Activity?

The "Spooky Walk" we set up at our house for Halloween. It's become an neighborhood destination.

6) Must Have Fall Purchase?

This season I needed some blouses for the in between weather. Here is one of my favorites. You can basically wear this with jeans on the weekend or dress it up like I did here.

***contains affiliate links

7) Pumpkins: Pick Your Own or Store Bought?

We always buy our pumpkins from a sweet little church around the corner from our house.

8) Real or Fake Pumpkin?

Both--we always carve a real pumpkin but I do use the fake ones for outdoor decorating too.

9) Favorite Halloween Costume?

My two favorites were actually for Hockey Guy. When he was one he was the Itsy Bitsy Spider and he just started walking. When he was four he was Woody the Cowboy. He wore the Woody the Cowboy to Micky's Not So Scary Halloween party, but insisted wearing his Micky ears and not the hat. Those two costumes were the Best.

She wanted his autograph

10) College Football or the NFL?

I guess NFL because I am a Patriots fan even though I am not a big football fan. Honestly, really a Tom Brady fan.

11) Fall or Halloween Decor?


12) Raking Leaves or No Leaves to Rake?

Our neighborhood is very wooded so there are lots of trees around us. About 18 months ago we had four large trees removed from our property so we have a lot less leaves to rake. You know what else we have a lot less of...acorns!

13) Favorite Soup?

This Butternut Squash Soup is not only the Best soup I make, it's one of my Best recipes in general.The secret...pears instead of apple.

14) Favorite Fall Candle Scent?

Yankee Candle McIntosh. I love the clean, crisp scent.

15) Love or Hate Pumpkin Spice?

I like it and do like to try different pumpkin spice foods. Trader Joe's Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread mix is the Best.

16) Short booties or Tall Boots?

Both! I am a Hockey Mom so I do wear Uggs too. 

17) Favorite Halloween Candy?

Pumpkin shaped Reese's.

18) PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte): Yes or No?

Yes--but when I order one I usually ask them to go light on the syrup. Plus I only order about 1-2 per season. I think I need one this week though!

19) Hayride or Corn Maze?


20) Favorite Fall TV Show?

Great Pumpkin of course! I also love the Fall Harvest movies on the Hallmark Channel.

What are your Fall Favorites? Feel free to leave them in the comments below.


  1. Aw, that is such a sweet photo and memory! I love when my kids add their own flare to their costumes and what can be more perfect than Mickey ears with a Woody costume while at Disney World?!

    1. I was just telling a friend about this costume last week. Thank you for taking the time to write in and read Good Better Best. Happy Fall!

  2. Yes to Hallmark movies! So sad we don't get that channel, hoping they have some of their new movies on their app...(using my parents account...hehe). Love how he made his costume his own. So dang cute. Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. Bummer that you cannot get the Hallmark Channel. Those movies are the Best. This is a fun link up. Thank you for taking the time to read Good Better Best and Happy Fall!

  3. Love reading these. Your soup sounds wonderful. I'll have to remember it! Happy Monday!

    1. It's such a great soup to make on a weekend and then have for a lovely lunch or quick dinner with a sandwich. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Happy fall!

  4. Haha!! We both like our cider spiked!

    1. I mean is there anything Better than a little hot cider w rum? I found it very comforting last Christmas when I was sick.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Happy Fall!

  5. The gluten free pumpkin roll sounds yummy!

  6. The "Hockey Mom Uggs" made me chuckle. My 3 year old is just starting so I thank you for this tip :)


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