Friday Favorites: Best Glasses from Warby Parker, Pumpkin Bread and Pancakes, Good Sandwich, Best Sheath Dress and Good Chef/Better Person

Friday is here! Back today to link up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea for Friday Favorites. Here's what I am finding Joy in this week.

1) Grilled brie, turkey and dried cherries:

I mentioned earlier this week I am working on some Good easy dinners to help with the nights there is a lot of homework. Tuesday night we had grilled sandwiches to order with organic tomato soup (thank you Trader Joe's). I decided I wanted something a little different, so I made a grilled turkey and brie on gluten free bread and then added some dried cherries, they were actually cherry infused Craisins. It was so Good. I will be adding this to my easy dinner and lunch rotation all fall.

2) Warby Parker Concentric Collection:

Earlier this week, I talked about fall being a Good time to update your glasses. The Concentric Collection is a twist on traditional Warby Parker styles, adding a pop of color around the eyes. To see how I styles from the Concentric Collection with the Best fall looks click here.

3) Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice at Trader Joe's:

As of last night, it finally feels like fall. That's a Good thing because the gluten free pumpkin bread mix and gluten free pumpkin pancake mix is back in stock at Trader Joe's. The pumpkin bread mix is the Best and I really like it with white chocolate chips. I literally stock pile the pumpkin bread mix when they have it like a doomsday prepper.

Basically, this is me when I see those items are in stock at Trader Joe's.

 shopping GIF

4) Best Fall Sheath Dress:

I really needed a new black sheath dress for fall and this dress is just the Best with it's ruffle sleeve and neckline. 

I also picked up this cardigan and put them together. I love the teal color and the embroidery.  

Here's how I styled them this week:

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5) Chef Jose Andres in Puerto Rico:

The images and stories coming out of Puerto Rico are just heart breaking but one story that I saw late yesterday gave me all the Good feels. Celebrity Chef Jose Andres flew down to Puerto Rico on his on initiative and has been feeding people, make that thousands of people, down there. Chef Andres has procured some ingredients and some were donated but he is working hard to feed thousands of people including the elderly and hospital workers who need at least one Good meal per day. He isn't worried about the bills, he feels it will all get sorted out later. In all of the sadness and despair, Chef Andres is taking a moment to do the very Best work. Food is love, food is healing. To learn more read here.

I am fighting some fall allergies, so this post was a little quicker than my usual posts. This is kind of how I am feeling this week:

 lisa simpson season 8 episode 2 flowers forest GIF

Have the Best weekend!


  1. I just love Trader Joe's for easy dinner ..and pumpkin finds! Happy Fall!

  2. That sandwich you described has my mother watering- seriously! I LOVE LOVE that black sheath too- you look great in it! Happy Friday :)

    1. Thanks Girl! That sandwich was so Good I am still thinking about it. Thank you for your kind words on the dress. H

      Have the Best weekend,

  3. Replies
    1. Have a Good weekend and thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment.


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