Ladies Who Link October: Flavors of Fall

It's that time again to link up with Mom's Coffee dateCoast to CoastMommy In A Nutshell and Pink Lady and for October we are talking the Flavors of Fall--Home Decor and Recipes.

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Home Decor

I am not going to lie to house isn't really looking like fall right now. With my travel schedule and the fact that until late last week we still had the AC running almost all of the time, I have not really had the time or motivation to decorate for the fall season.

By late next week, the outside of the house will be ready to go with our annual Spooky Walk that Running Daddy and Hockey Guy set up every year with our neighbors. They do such a Good job on this and it is bring us Joy that our house is a neighborhood destination for so many families.


Ok, now on to the Good stuff...I am cooking with lot of fall flavors now that the temperatures have dropped. Here are some of my Best recipes for fall. I mentioned in a fall post earlier this month that although some of these older recipes could have had Better photography...these old standbys are some of my Best recipes. So forgive me on my photos taken by the old Blackberry (RIP) and give these a try.

Crockpot apple sauce: So easy and a great way to use up all of those apples that you picked and now wondering how you will use. Recipe here.

Butternut squash soup: Still one of my Best recipes. Adding pear instead of apple makes the flavor Better. Check it out here.

Chicken White Chili: I think white chicken chili is my favorite type of chili. It's lighter and the baked in flavors make this recipe Better. Want to try chicken white chili, try this recipe.

Apple Shallot Turkey Burgers: I make this for Running Daddy a lot when has a fall marathon. Turkey burgers can be bland but this recipe is light and savors the flavors of fall. Find it here.

Other flavors of fall

Earlier this week I wrote a Popped and Paired Cocktail and Popcorn pairing featuring SkinnyPop. I tried the Apple Cider Moscow Mule with the Original Flavor and it was so Good. You can read more about pairing SkinnyPop with fall cocktails here.

All things pumpkin

This time of year I also really like to stock up on the Trader Joe's Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread Mix. Any by stock up...I mean stock up like a Doomsday prepper. I try to whip up a batch every weekend if I have time. I personally think adding white chocolate chips is a Better option with pumpkin bread than regular chocolate chips...but I will never turn down a regular chocolate chip either.

Speaking of Trader Joe's, I also really like the Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancake Mix and we had it for breakfast for dinner last night. A dinner of gfree pumpkin pancakes, bacon and berries is always a Good, fast option in our hose. 

Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancake Mix

I am also super excited to try the Autumn Apple & Pumpkin Cheeseball mix that I have coming from Tastefully Simple. It should be here any day now and this what I plan to bring for a family gathering this weekend. It's going to be a very busy weekend, but what I love about Tastefully Simple and their products like this cheeseball, is that you can easily make ahead of time and then just shop up with a yummy dessert. I plan to bring regular graham crackers for spreading and dipping and then gluten free grahams for me.

So that's what I have on tap for my flavors of fall. Can't get enough of the Good Better Best Fall plans? Then you can check out the post I did on Making Your Home Cozy for Fall and the one that I did for the Blended Blog where we answered a whole bunch of questions about our fall favorites, you can check that one out here

Do you have your own favorite Flavors of Fall? Leave them in the comments below...and include the home decor ones so that maybe I can get inspired for early November.

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  1. Ohhhh Patti we need to start this linkup again. Ali has left blogging for now- maybe I will pick this linkup , up once I get better organized- agree with all of your choices here. Such fall goodness :)


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