Friday Favorites: March 23, 2024-Favorite Quiet Luxury Brand, Makeup Updates and a Polarizing Show


Hey there Besties, I have been a little off the grid lately as this is a busy season of life. It's been a few weeks since I linked up with Erika and Andrea for Friday Favorites and I am pretty excited about the list of beautiful items I am going to share with you today. Let's all take a deep breath because the weekend is here and enjoy Friday Favorites.

1. Quince Washable Silk Skirt

Is anyone else struggling with the length of skirts and dresses these days? I feel like they are all so long even in the "midi" length. I have been looking for a really Good black skirt at the right length for a while now and finally found one at Quince. 

This skirt is the right length, it falls right below my knee. It is also cut on the bias which is always totally slimming. I loved the black one I bought so much that I also ordered it in the celestial blue which is on my way to our house right now. 

Quince is a leader in quiet luxury which is the big trend right now but also has a focus on affordable prices, sustainability and fair labor practices. I always feel really Good when I purchase from Quince. I think Quince is going to become one of my go-to brands. 

2. Quince Ultra Stretch Ponte Cap Sleeve Dress

I also ordered this cap-sleeve dress because my black sheath dress needed replacing. I have also been struggling with dress lengths as they are all too long on me these days. I really like a dress or a skirt that is just right above or below the knee. Those have been hard to find the last few years. 

Quince did such a beautiful job on this dress. It is really well made and the Best part is that it is under $50. 

3. Neutrogena Face Cleansing Makeup Remover Eraser Stick

Why did it take so long for someone to invent this little pen? This makeup remover stick from Neutrogena helps touch up any little mistakes, smudges, etc. when you are doing your makeup without taking off too much or smearing everything. I always get little mascara dots on my eyelids when I am putting mascara on and this little pen solves that problem cleanly and without taking off everything.

Plus it is Neutrogena so it doesn't irritate my eyes. Pick up one of these and then pick up one for every single one of your girlfriends. 

4. Lune + Aster Kit

Speaking of eye makeup, I have been struggling to find the right eye shadow. Ok, struggling is a big term so let's say I have been searching for the right shadows. I wanted something that was clean and in the taupe/brown tones. Enter this kit from Lune + Aster, the clean house brand of Blue Mercury. It contains six neutral shadows and then they also include a bronzer and highlighter. 

The more brown tones are on the left and the taupe shadows are on the right. Everything coordinates and also helps me save time in the morning.

The colors are well-pigmented and have Good staying power, although I do use a shadow primer. Best of all, I do not have any irritation from these shadows. I have crazy sensitive eyes.

5. Apples Never Fall 

My final favorite this week could be polarizing. It is Apples Never Fall a new series on Peacock starring Annette Bening and Sam Neill. 

Based on the book by Liane Moriarty (Big Little Lies), this series is getting a lot of buzz online. Basically, people fall into three camps on this series: Love (that's me), Hate (people are complaining about the acting but I disagree) and Bored (some people are turning it off after a few minutes...are we watching the same show?). 

I am about three episodes and am fascinated by it. I would probably be finished with it but Hockey Guy was intrigued by it when I was watching it late the other night and I might go back and restart it to watch with him. 

If you are watching Apples Never Fall sound off in the comments below if you love it, hate it or are bored.

That's it for this week Besties. I will be back next week with the Monthly Musings topics on Monday, What's Up Wednesday and Monthly Musings on Thursday with Holly. 

Have the Best weekend!


  1. Patty I loved the show. Finished it already. Lots of twists.

  2. Ooooh...good to know. Hockey Guy joined me and I am not watching again until he is caught up to me.

  3. Thank you for sharing "Apples Never Fall"- will def start it tomorrow- sounds great!

  4. I haven't watched the show yet but I wasn't a huge fan of the book; I like it but I definitely didn't think it was a great book.. but I think it would be worth trying!

  5. I am going to check out the brand Quince. I have not heard of this before. Have a good weekend!

  6. I love Quince too, although sadly their cashmere pills pretty quickly. But I bought a pleated chiffon long skirt last year and it is my absolute FAVE. Went back and bought the pink too. I'm definitely going to look out for that makeup remover pen, too!


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