Monthly Musings March 2024-Spring Fashion


Oh spring you are so close and I am so happy. Holly and I are so ready to talk about spring fashion for our monthly linkup Monthly Musings. Every month we put together a themed list of questions and invite talented women to join us for a linkup party. For March we are ready to share all things spring fashion.

If you are joining us this month we are so excited to have you share your love of spring fashion. Just link back to both of us in your post and join the linkup below.

Let's talk spring fashion!

1. What is your go-to spring outfit?

My go-to spring outfit will always be white jeans and a Lilly Pulitzer top.  I own probably four or five of the Lilly Skipper popovers and they are just so easy to wear. The one below is very similar to ones I own. 

I have some of these in smalls but typically prefer a medium for layering purposes.

I needed to upgrade my white jeans this season and found these super cute kick-flair jeans from Democracy. They have a little raw hem detail at the bottom which is a new look for me. The Ab-Tech helps these jeans fit like a dream and the Best part is that they are under $50! 

I found the size 8 to be the right fit for me in these jeans. I am new to the Democracy brand but these could be one of my go-to brands from here on out.

2. Favorite Spring Fashion Pieces

When the weather is not cooperating but I want to add a pop of color, I love to add a great scarf. It is just an easy way to add a touch of spring.

I am also working really hard to get back into wearing skirts and dresses. I love this skirt that I found at Quince this month. This skirt is cut on the bias so it is totally slimming.

I bought this skirt in black and the celestial blue. The medium is a Good size for me. 

3. Do you change up your handbag for spring?

Yes, I typically move from a grey tote for work to a preppier navy with spring accents. A lighter bag is also an easy way to usher in spring.

4. When do you bring out your open-toe shoes?

I am not a person who rushes to put on my flip-flops. I am also always really cold, especially my feet. I am guessing it will be closer to the end of April when I bust out my open-toed shoes. 

5. Favorite spring scents?

Year-round one of my favorite perfumes is Chanel Chance. I have worn it for probably a decade but I don't wear it every day. I do love it when I wear it. 

I also really like Clinique Happy for spring as well. This is a really Good every day option. I happen to really like scents with citrus notes.

I also just bought the Good Chemistry Experimentation Set and I am loving it. Good Chemistry is a clean brand as well. I have used the Tiger Lily and Queen Bee previously and it is fun to try a new scent every day. 

6. White after Easter? After Memorial Day? Heck, whenever I want?

I sometimes want to wear my white jeans before Easter, like this past Sunday, but then cannot bring myself to do it. Now that I live below the Mason-Dixon line, I will wear my white jeans after Easter. When I lived in New England I always waited until after Memorial Day.

7. Favorite ways to add spring to your wardrobe when the weather is not cooperating?

For this topic, I am all about the accessories! A pop of color with a scarf, a bag or even a cardigan can help usher in spring. 

8. Do you change up your makeup routine for spring?

Mostly I change up my lips and nails for the seasons. I will ditch the red and plum-toned lipsticks and really focus on my pink-nude glosses and lipsticks.

For nails, I will skip the dark colors and focus on pinks and even a light blue for fun.  

9. How do you transition your wardrobe for spring?

Because the weather can be so fickle in March and early April, I transition my wardrobe slowly. I put away most of my winter clothing but held back a turtleneck just in case. I would say that I have about 75% of my spring out at this point.

10. Favorite spring accessories/jewelry?

I have a lot, and I mean a lot, of both fine and costume jewelry. In the spring for my costume jewelry, I pull out more nautical or whimsical shapes like pineapples etc.

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Happy Spring! 

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  1. I really need some new white jeans this season.. I only have one pair and I have never really loved them. I'm hoping to find some cute flare leg jeans and perhaps some white wide leg linen pants too.

  2. I accidentally ordered a pair of Democracy jeans (I know, how does that even happen??) and am so glad that I did. I love them. They are great for me after I have over indulged and want to look... like I did not :). If I needed a new pair of white jeans, I would buy the pair that you mentioned. Super cute! Thanks for the link up :).

    1. Oh gosh I hate it when I accidentally order a pair of fabulous jeans...wink wink. Democracy jeans are so great for the price. Thanks for joining us this month.

  3. Yes! The Skipper popover and white jeans are fashion staples here every spring too! Thanks for being the best blogging partner XO


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