Monthly Musings February 2024-Surviving the Winter Months


Happy Leap Day Besties! How fun to Monthly Musings on Leap Day. Today Holly and I are hosting our linkup party and talking about surviving these last few days of winter. It is more like fake spring around here and a cold snap could be just around the corner, so we may need these tips any day now/

1. What do you do in the winter that brings you Joy?

In the winter I like to use our fireplaces and light candles. It just brings a sense of warmth and calmness like nothing else. I really like it when I have an hour or so to be in the house alone with my candles and the fireplace on and maybe some music.

2. How do you stay warm and cozy?

My favorite thing in the winter is our heated mattress pad. I like to preheat the bed and then keep it on low at night. Running Daddy will preheat and then just turn off for the balance of the night. 

3. What are you looking forward to this winter?

Now that hockey season is winding down, I am honestly looking forward to winter being over.

4. Favorite wintertime activities?

I actually don't mind a walk when it is cold and crisp. Sometimes it feels really Good to bundle up and walk with Stormy. 

5. Favorite months of winter?

We all know I love Christmas, but I also don't mind when things settle down a bit in January. Things get a little quieter in January and you can actually take a deep breath post holidays.

6. Favorite dishes to make in winter?

I am all about the soups and chilis in winter. Earlier this month I shared three unique chilis that I love to make in winter. You can find those here

7. Gas or wood-burning fireplace?

I am old school and love a real wood-burning fireplace. I love the tradition of building a fire and settling in for the afternoon or evening. That being said we have two gas fireplaces and a gas stove in our porch and I do love the convenience. I love to just put the fire on for a bit and then not have to worry about it.

I honestly don't think I could own a house that didn't have some type of working fireplace. It just says home to me.

8. Favorite winter hot beverage?

I love hot coffee any time of the year. I also bought the Sleepytime Lavender tea and had that the other night as I got ready for bed that was just lovely. You have to really like lavender to enjoy this, it is not a subtle note.

For an adult hot beverage, I love a hot toddy but I only make them with rum because I can't have whiskey. I don't think I have actually had one this season, but there is still time!

9. Favorite winter movies?

I am taking all Christmas movies out of contention here. On Hallmark I love the movie Snow Kissed. It just has all of the winter resort feels that you need in January. I also coincidentally own several of the wardrobe pieces that Jen Lilley wears in this movie too which is very fun!

For a total classic, if you have not seen The Cutting Edge you are missing out on some early 90's Olympic-themed camp. "Toe-pick!" IFKYK


My favorite winter movie, and one of my favorite movies, and not just favorite sports movie, is Miracle based on the 1980 Olympic hockey team. I love everything about this movie...period. Did you know that very few of the "actors" in this movie were professional actors, they cast people who could play hockey and then taught them to act. 

10. How do you stay healthy in winter?

This year I have been much healthier than in years past. I think sleep is totally important and if I start not feeling well I make sure that I drink hot liquids. I have also been very Good about walking over the last few months and I think that has helped my immune system.

I am also a big believer in essential oils and if I am not feeling well then I start running more of a eucalyptus blend with orange, mint and lemon to help an congestion.

Ok, not it's your turn to share how you survive the last few months of winter. Either link up with us or share your tips in the comment section below.

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  1. I'm ALL ABOUT the walking! And now I want to watch some of those movies!!!

  2. Snow Kissed was a cute movie. I am going to have to try that tea to help me sleep and not wake me up more.

  3. I so agree with you about a fireplace really making any place feel more like a home!

  4. Great winter movies- I love walks too in the winter- we do the same things to stay cozy too :)


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