Three Unique Chilies for the Super Bowl


Super Bowl Sunday is almost here. Are you here for the game, the commercials, the entertainment (Reba!!!) or to see if Taylor Swift makes it to the game from Japan? No matter why you are tuning in, the one thing that we can all agree on is that the food is a very important part of Super Bowl Sunday.

Chili is always a staple of football season and while I love a classic chili with ground beef or turkey, a tomato base and black beans, today I have three of my favorite chilis if you want a twist on something different for the the big game. You could even make a classic chili and then one of the recipes I am sharing today as a second option. Down, set, hike...let's make some chili!

Taco Chili

I shared this recipe leading up to the Super Bowl last year. It's a little bit taco, a little bit chili and oh so Good. This taco chili is so easy like a standard chili but you swap out the seasonings for taco seasoning and then give it a slow cook. 

White Chili

If you are hosting at your house and want to make two chili selections but only have one crockpot, my white chili would be a really Good option for your party. This chili actually bakes in the oven for an hour so you could simmer a standard chili in the crockpot and then whip up this white version using the oven.

I have been making this white chili for years, and the first time this recipe appeared on the site was way back in 2012. The chili is Better than my photos back then!

Smoky Turkey Sausage Chili

If you need a budget-friendly option then the smoky turkey sausage chili will tempt your tastebuds without breaking the bank. One of the Best things I always find about cooking with sausage is that it does most of the seasoning. All you really need is chili powder in this one.

You could always bring this as an alternative to a friend's party if they are cooking up a traditional chili.

If you need a new slow cooker, this is basically the updated version of the one I have. I like it because it has clamps for the lid. You don't use the clamps while cooking as it will cause pressure in the slow cooker, you can use the clamps when transporting the crockpot to an event. That way the lid doesn't go flying in the car and cause a mess!

I hope that I have inspired you for Super Bowl Sunday to try out a new chili. These recipes are also really helpful for a busy weekend or week when you have a packed schedule but also want to eat real food.

No matter what team you are cheering for, I hope you have the Best Super Bowl Sunday! 

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