Friday Favorites January 5, 2024: Your Favorite Posts of 2023


It's the weekend Besties. I hope you had an easy week for this first week of 2024. Today for Friday Favorites I am linking up with Erika and Andrea and sharing your favorite posts of 2023. I always love looking back at the posts that people love and reflecting what I was writing about at that time. Are you ready? Let the countdown begin!

#5 Friday Favorites from June 9, 2023

In this post I shared some beauty products that I was loving, and am still currently using, talked about my morning walks, which I am still incorporating into my weeks and a Good alternative for ice cream if you have some diary sensitivity like I can.

#4 Friday Favorites from April 14, 2023

My Friday Favorites post from April 14th covered fun photo cakes, a taupe eye shadow that I am still using, a Good body lotion, comfy and cute shoes and a gluten-free ice cream sandwich. Yes please!

#3 What's Up Wednesday May 2023

What's Up Wednesday for May came in at the number three spot and covered the coronation, prom, jury duty and all kinds of other fun late spring topics.

#2 Life Lately March 24, 2023

My Life Lately post in March was really an up and down of emotions. I covered the amazing win of my son's school for the state championship in hockey and how my scheduled surgery went a little sideways. Everything eventually worked out the next month but March was a very eventful month.

#1 What's Up Wednesday February 2023

Your favorite post of 2023, was What's Up Wednesday for February. There was nothing super special about this post, just a recap of the month, but it really resonated with all of you. That is one of the fun things about this site, I never really write about what I think will be controversial, sell a bunch of products or give me the most clicks. I write about what I love and the fact that people stop by here every week and join in this community means so much to me.

I want to take a moment to thank all of you Besties who join me on this site and are part of this community. Good Better Best has really grown in 2023 and whether you have been reading my posts for years or just found me recently, I love having you here. I appreciate all of the comments and feedback and look forward to hearing more from all of you and what you love about this site in 2024!

Have the Best weekend!


  1. Happy New Year My Friend! Loved all of these posts. Such an exciting year for all of you. Excited for another year of blogging together XO

  2. What a great collection of posts. I love reading about peoples life and even the average week is interesting. Happy new year!


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