Friday Favorites January 19, 2024: Warm Slippers, Gratitude Journaling, Eczema Relief, Good Movies and New Show on Netflix


Brr Besties. Is it freezing or snowing where you are? It's pretty cold here and it is supposed to snow today, but it is January and we are having some real January weather this year. 

Before I jump into Friday Favorites, you may have noticed a subtle difference around here. We have a new home on the web with our new website address: This has been a long time coming and this new website address Better describes this site. So be sure to bookmark the new site but you will be redirected to the new site regardless.

Today for Friday Favorites I am linking up with Erika and Andrea and sharing the fun things that are bringing me Joy this week. I have slippers that finally keep my feet warm, how I start my mornings, a Good body lotion that helps my eczema, a movie we are all obsessed with and a Good Netflix show. Cuddle up and get ready for some Friday favorites.
1. Muk Luk Slippers

My feet are always cold, like really cold. I needed new slippers this season and decided to try a pair of Muk Luks. I have heard they are really warm and these did not disappoint. 

These slippers come up high in the back and the top of your foot. I also really like that they are very cushy in the sole as I am having a little plantar fasciitis lately. They run slightly large so keep that in mind.

2. Gratitude Journaling

The last week of 2023, I went back to my morning routine of gratitude journaling and my prayer list. I really fell off doing this in 2023 and then I wondered why my anxiety was really bad last year. Sigh. My practice is simple and takes about 5-7 minutes if I had to guess. I have a devotional book called One Minute With God that I may have mentioned before that I read and then start my gratitude list.

My gratitude list can be really anything from the fact that my anxiety seems Better, to a Good cup of coffee, to snuggles with my dog. I then also do my prayer list and then do two quick prayers. I have been doing this seven days a week. I honestly think it is really helping me. If you are struggling a bit, try a simple list of five things you are grateful for every morning. 

3. CeraVe Eczema Relief Creamy Relief Oil

I am an itchy skin gal, especially in the winter. I get really bad eczema on my shins. I have a layering routine that seems to really be helping. When I get out of the shower I have been using the CervaVe Eczema Relief Creamy Oil, and then add the Itch Relief Moisturizing Lotion. Since I have been doing this my itching is much Better. There is no feeling of my shins are on fire. Anyone that has eczema knows what I am talking about.


4. Oppenheimer

Sunday night Running Daddy and I went to a birthday dinner and Hockey Guy hung out at home, ate pizza and watched a movie. He rented Oppenheimer and loved it. Since it was a long weekend and we had the movie for a couple of days, we watched it again with him.

Wow, wow, wow, this movie lives up to the hype. Hockey Guy told us it was long, and it is, but it needs to be long to tell this story. I would say that it is a longer movie, but it is never slow.

I had a special interest in this movie because my grandfather was a physicist at MIT and worked there around the time of the movie. A lot of what he did was in the biomedical field, but I am truly fascinated by these big-brained people. I also found the political parts of this story very fascinating. 

Definitely give this movie a watch. It is not for little eyes and ears, it is more for upper high school and older. If you have seen this movie, tell me what you thought of it in the comment section.

5. Fool Me Once (Netflix)

Since it was a long weekend and cold, I was looking for something new to watch. Fool Me Once came up as the number-one show on Netflix. After watching the preview, I decided to give it a watch. I am about 4 or 5 episodes in and I am not sure what is really going on here, but I think the mom is up to something. 

I will most likely finish this over the weekend. This was a Good one but I feel like it is so new that not many people are talking about it yet. Full disclosure, I had to put the close-captioning on due to the English accents.

I hope you all stay safe and warm Besties. If you don't have to go out, stay put and read/share my site and catch up on the movies and show I suggested.

I will see you back here on Monday as Holly and I will be unveiling the topics for Monthly Musings 2024 and the January 2024 Monthly Musings that will be coming up on Thursday, January 25.


  1. Yeah! Can't wait my friend! Love all of your winter coziness- stay warm this weekend!

    1. Cheers to another great year of Monthly Musings. Stay warm up in NH!

  2. Those slippers looks wonderful! We did get a bit of snow here today and it looks like it could start snowing again any minute.


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