40 Miles in 40 Day Lenten Challenge


Welcome to the 40 miles in 40 days Healthy Spirit, Healthy Body and Healthy Mind Challenge. Are you looking for something a little different to do this Lenten season? Well this might be exactly what you need.

Last week I shared with you what I learned from walking 100 miles between December to January 1. I also shared with you our friend's story of his cancer diagnosis and how important it was that his body was so strong going into his treatments that it helped him so much in the process. This led Running Daddy and I to try to find a way to keep all of this going. This led to the Lenten challenge.

The idea of the Lenten Challenge is to walk, run, bike, hike, spin, row or whatever 40 miles between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. In addition, add in an element of faith to your workout. Listen to Christian music or a faith based podcast during your workout, pray before or after your run, think about what your are grateful for while you workout or whatever makes your body and spirit feel Good.

We have created a Facebook Group if you want to join us. You can find it here. Track your progress, share what you are doing for Lent and inspire others. This is also for the guys too. Running Daddy is joining us and we would love to make this effort totally co-ed.

I hope you can join us! Feel free to leave any questions in in the comment section below. 


  1. This is such a great idea!! I feel like during Lent, when I give up things,I don’t incorporate time with God into it. I feel like running a mile for forty days would be an awesome way for me to talk to God! I could listen to a Christian podcast, or listen to Christian music. Thanks for sharing this, Patty! This is such a great way to help people become closer to God!

  2. This sounds perfect Abby! Glad you are going to join us. I just put up a mileage tracker in the Facebook group today. You are welcome to join.

  3. I am so glad you are doing this and excited to join AND excited about building faith into my miles- I have never done that before :)

  4. I love this challenge!! What a great way to incorporate Christ into your everyday life!!


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