Friday Favorites: Lip Treatments, Hair Texture Spray, Gluten Free Oreos and FaceBook Live Hockey


Happy Friday Besties! We are heading into Valentine's weekend and a long weekend for some of us in the Good Better Best household. I hope you have some safe Valentine's or Galentine's plans this weekend. Our Valentine's Day will be brought you us by Door Dash! Whatever it takes to stay safe. I am linking up with ErikaAndreaNarci to share with you what brought me Joy the last few weeks as the last couple of weeks have been a little busy and I have not been able to get to Friday Favorites. 

1)  Lip Treatments

It's that time of year when the lips get chapped. I have two products that I am loving that are really making a difference in my winter lips. Because of my health challenges, I have very dry lips and need to really use Good products. Right now I am loving two products and I am sharing them here.

***contains affiliate links

The Smooth Lip by Ever is clean beauty and great to fight off winter chapped lips. It has a slight vanilla scent and is a very Good base for lipstick during the day or on its own.

***contains affiliate links

Overnight, I am really liking the Restorative Lip Treatment by Rooted. Also a clean beauty option, it really helps heal lips while you sleep. You can try these products from Rooted and Gove and get a free gift with a $20 purchase here

2) OGX Texturing Spray

I have been wanting to add some product to give my hair a little lift and this texturizing spray from OGX is a really Good option. It helps to give my hair some body and keep it straight but it doesn't weigh my hair down. This is also a clean product and I am definitely going to keep in my hair arsenal.

3) Gluten Free Oreos

A couple of Sunday's ago my sweet friend Megan sent me a text and told me she was stopping by to drop a treat on my doorstep. It was the much anticipated Gluten Free Oreo. Megan is just the sweetest to bring me both the regular Oreos and the Double Stuf to try. I can tell you that they are everything I have waited for and more. 

Because I have not had an Oreo in over ten years, Running Daddy and Hockey Guy decided they would help me with the taste test. It was a big sacrifice they made. They love Oreos and tried a real Oreo and then followed them up with the gluten free version. They can attest that the gluten free version is so Good! The only slight difference is that the cookie part is slightly lighten in color. This opens up a whole new world of dessert possibilities for me.

4) Facebook Live Hockey

All I can say is thank heavens for Facebook Live hockey. Since I am trying to be really careful due to the pandemic, I have only been to two travel hockey games this season and have skipped all of the high school games in person. The high school games started right after Christmas and I was really concerned about the surge.

The Facebook live games, especially the high school ones, have been such a Good option. It helps me feel a little less sad about missing out on things. Running Daddy started live streaming the JV games too. I cannot wait until next season to see him skate live. Can we please get this pandemic under control?

That's what I have for you this week Besties! If you read my post yesterday I talked about what I learned from walking 100 miles and announced that I am kicking off a 40 miles in 40 days Lenten challenge. If you want to be part of this either leave me a note in the comments below or send me a message. I am going to be setting up a Facebook group this weekend. I would love to have you join me. 


  1. Praying for live hockey again for you friend! The Oreos sound wonderful- so glad you have a fun treat to enjoy!

  2. I cannot wait for these oreos to come to Canada as we've had to recently make the switch to gf as well.....


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