What's Up Wednesday February 2021


Happy Wednesday Besties! This month is just clipping along. Since it is the last Wednesday of the month I am linking up with Shay and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday. Settle in and join me to find out what was up in February.

What We're Eating This Week

This is going to be a busy week, even in a pandemic, so dinner will be either easy or on the fly.

Monday-Burgers, dogs, sweet potato fries and salad

Tuesday-Lots of hockey Tuesday night. I will figure something out at home and the boys will have something at the rink. Our home rink actually has a brand new, Good restaurant on site. 

Wednesday-Pork chops, rice and broccoli

Thursday-I have an Advancement Committee meeting for school via Zoom and there is more hockey. Dinner plan? See Tuesday above.

Friday-Take out after hockey

What I am Reminiscing About

In a Good way, I am reminiscing about this time last year when Hockey Guy got into his first choice for high school and then also got into another school he applied to. Those were Good days.

I am trying not to think about that this time last year we really didn't know what was headed our way with the pandemic, but it is indeed hard. 

What I'm Loving

Seriously? I am obsessed with my Roomba. Our dog Stormy sheds so much and since we are home all the time now, it is really bothering me how dirty our floors have been. I never really thought about getting one of the robot vacuums because I mean how well could they work? 

I started looking into these types of vacuums earlier this year because I basically live in a frat house and I am the only person that sees dirt in this house. Dirt, dust, mess, dog hair...only I seem to have the super power to see the like.

I bought a Roomba about two weeks ago and I am obsessed. We have hardwood floors throughout our house and the Roomba does the Best job cleaning the floors. Some people set theirs to run overnight but I think it is a little loud to do that.

We named ours Michael after Patricia Altshul's butler on Southern Charm. Basically this Patricia needed her own Michael. I love saying "Alexa...tell Michael to clean the floors" in my Best Patricia southern accent.

Insert Roomba, Sauvignon Blanc and a large Labrador retriever above and you have how I feel about my Roomba. Pure cleaning, life in a pandemic Joy.

What We've Been Up To

It's all hockey here all the time. I have not been going to the games because the spectators are limited. I am choosing to watch the games on Facebook Live because it limits me to the crowds and makes me less likely to be exposed to COVID. 

I am also checking my email all the time to see when I will finally get an email for the vaccination. Things are slow going here even when you are in a metropolitan area with an underlying health condition.

What I am Dreading

Honestly, just the continued wait to get the vaccine.

What I am Working On

I am trying really hard to try to try to clean and organize our house. I really an trying to get things in the house weeded out and organized before spring really gets here. It is slow going, but it is going. 

For my day job, the first quarter of the year is always busy.

I am also working on my 40 miles in 40 days Lenten journey. I am 9 miles in and really loving it. Our Facebook community has over 65 people in it sharing how they are moving their bodies and also sharing faith filled readings, stories, music and general messages of support. This came together very organically through conversations I had with Running Daddy a few weeks ago. It is honestly one of the Best things I have ever been part of. If you want to learn more about this challenge click here

What I am Excited About

 I am excited that Spring is almost here.  It's much brighter out when I walk around 5pm and there really is a feeling that spring is around the corner. I know it could still snow again and we will get some windy cold snaps in March, but spring is coming. Can't wait.

I am also excited about the high school hockey playoffs. While this was a shortened season and they didn't play all of they teams they typically play, this has been such a fun team to watch. The upperclassmen treat the freshmen well and they are really coming together as a team. Excited to see what this week brings and thankful to parents that Facebook live the games for us at home, with normal, supportive play by play. 

What I am Watching/Reading

I am about 25 days or so into a new devotional and it is really speaking to me right now. Every weekday this is how I start my day. 

We are deep into The Bachelor and there is a ton of  controversy this season and rightly so. It will be interesting to see what happens with this season and beyond. 

We are wrapping up the Real Housewives of Salt Lake, we are into Dallas and New Jersey started with a bang. Thank heavens for my housewives.

What I am Listening To

I am loving the new Luke Bryan song "Down to One". You can check it out here.

I have a bunch of new podcasts that I want to share with you. My friend told me about the First 15 Podcast that I am listening to every morning with my coffee when I wake up. It is just a really Good way to start the day listening to God's word. It has the right voice, the right message and the right music. Check it out if you need a Better start to your day. 

On a totally different note, I am also enjoying the podcast Even the Rich. All kinds of pop culture that is well researched and the hosts have great delivery. 

What I am Wearing

Honestly, this month I am not really going to give you really any fashion inspiration this month. It is almost the end of winter and we are in the middle of a pandemic. 

Tomorrow for Monthly Musings  Holly and I are talking spring fashion. I hope to be a little more fashion inspired then. Just keeping it real Besties

Here are the topics if you want to link up with us.

What I am Doing This Weekend

I am hopefully watching more high school hockey on Facebook live.

I think we will also chill, eat some pizza and get caught up on what is on our DVR this week.

What I am Looking Forward to Next Month

In March I am looking forward to spring weather and hopefully getting a vaccination appointment.

What Else is New

That's all I have for you for February. See you back here tomorrow for Monthly Musings!


  1. Hi friend- feeling so much of the winter blues here- looking forward to spring weather AND vaccines! So glad you like your Roomba and I love being part of your 40 in 40 days challenge- averaging 1-2 miles each day here!

  2. We've had a teaser of spring this week and I have been loving taking some snowy hikes wearing just a hooded sweatshirt!

  3. I love the idea of 40 miles in 40 days! I'm trying to finish off a virtual walk of the Camino in Spain do I have definitely been doing more than a mile a day. I am tired but in the best way.

    Yes, when will we all get vaccinated??? That is the question...

    And my "what I'm wearing" wasn't very inspired either. I'm linking up with you and Holly tomorrow and I still don't know that I'm inspired :)


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